You need 'Me' time (in Kc’s west bottoms) 

So…ditch the guilt, girls. It’s First Fridays in the West Bottoms, so slip on those yoga pants, put your bed-head hair in a ballerina bun atop that head of yours and get down there early this Friday morning for some de-stressing time. The historic buildings can make you forget your hormonal co-workers with vintage finds, local artisan goods, food trucks, street music and a few relaxing hours with your girlfriends. 


ONE: Restoration Emporium

RE sells vintage restored pieces, but you need some restoration of your own, Sistah! Hit Restoration Emporium in the West Bottoms off the 12th Street Bridge for a dose of vintage and urban inspired home furnishings, Magnolia Market decor, and Amy Howard designer-loving paints. Owners Chrysalyn and Jeff Huff are the best down-to-earth people and run an inspiring store and RE team. Along with fresh new treasures, they have coffee and donuts if you make it there early enough. Three floors of oh-my-gosh I love this!




Drained? Zero energy? Need a shot of somethin’ in your somethin’ to bring yourself back to life? You might need to go get your good juju on, my friend. Good juju is a magical buzz, similar to your “mojo” or the Jerry McGuire “Quan.” You know…that inside happy energy that spills out onto others. The crazy energy that makes you Ellen-dance in front of others. Your tank can be deprived so fill ‘er up at Good Juju, KC’s original antique store in the West Bottoms. Vintage, retro, modern rolled into one shopping destination. Funky brooches for Mama!

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Bella Patina is located in the Historic Kansas City Nut, Bolt, & Screw Company Building with 25,000 sq. ft. and 3 floors of browsing all-over-the- board goods and décor styles. !Warning! Keep your eyes straight ahead and look at NOTHING on the first and second floor, otherwise you might mesmerize yourself into a shopping tizzy and be unable to physically make it to the top floor. I thanked the Good Lord above for the 3rd floor pop up bar last month (not sure for December) but I purchased large pour mimosas for me and my bestie as a recovery drink that helped us make it through this vintage gift to women. The top floor is young and fresh, filled with Makers General store goods from uber talented artisans; Gale Nation hand-lettered maps and decor, The Makery KC workshop area, and @charlesatlasco, a creative mama with hand-sewn baby items and her cutie-face baby strapped to her back.



FOUR: Varnish + Vine

Varnish + Vine, one of the newest shops in the West Bottoms is full of modern, industrial, and mid-century home furnishings. They carry Rosy Ring Botanical candles (the Forest candle smells so good I could strap it on my face with scotch tape).

Can’t get away to browse this upscale vintage, plant heaven on Friday? Then plan B is a trip to Varnish Exchange on Saturday. Occasionally, Varnish and Vine creates a pop-up market on their upper floor with local designers and artisans selling their goods. When that happens it’s a bonus, ya’ll- they do coffee and beer tastings.

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The Painted Rooster, located at 1320 W. 12th Street on the 3rd floor of Bella Patina is a palate paradise! Serving breakfast, lunch, brunch and sweets with fresh ingredients and some lovin’ in every bite. Cinnamon rolls, coffee, quiche, biscuits and gravy with fried chicken, and breakfast burritos. Who knows what mouthwatering foods will pop up there this week? 


If you love pie, bierocks, farm salads, sandwiches and luscious bakery items, visit The Bee’s Knees Bakery and Café located at 1300 W. 13th Street in Bottoms Up. Brenda Love is an amazing baker and always a doll to talk to when you visit the café. 


One of the best lunches in Kansas City (listen up guys, you can earn points with this) is located at 1531 Genessee Street in Kansas City down by the old Stockyards. Fresh squeezed cocktails, wine, homemade fried potatoes, the best chicken salad sandwich and BLT you will ever devour. The Genesee Royale Bistro does breakfast, brunch and lunch in a vintage gas station with indoor and outdoor seating. Just go.


Bonus: The Makery KC

Another West Bottoms bucket list contender is The Makery KC, a beautiful space where you can create your own modern projects or on-trend gift items with friends. Founders Kristin and Ashley have a passion for their customers to feel inspired amongst their surroundings. How can you not?




The Painted Sofa, Bottoms Up, Top Hat Mercantile, The Space at 1412, Hickory Dickory, Hello Sailor, Dusted Attic, and so much more. 

What'd I miss? Where is your favorite place to spend time in the West Bottoms?