How to Use Same Day Delivery to Increase Your Sales

One Area You’re Probably Losing Customers Two words that will horrify any customer at any store: “delivery window”. Even typing that out sent a shiver down our spine. The delivery window can set you back and disrupt your entire day. Is it coming today between 8-12? Thursday between 1-5? Sometime this decade?!  It’s flat out … Read more

How to Optimize Retail and Commercial Logistics with Flex Deliveries

If you are a retailer, shipper, or transportation company you probably face this problem– transporting off route products, large items, or single pallets drives up costs fast. The last thing your logistics program needs is shipping tons of air between your stores, warehouses, or to your customers. Unfortunately, the solutions to this problem aren’t so … Read more

Why Your Business Needs Same Day Delivery

Why Your Business Needs Same Day Delivery

What’s the #1 Overlooked Way You Could Change Your Business Overnight? Three words: same day delivery. Due to the “Amazon effect,” consumer expectations for delivery are rapidly evolving. Purchasing decisions are becoming more and more influenced by the delivery experience versus any other type of interaction. Traditional delivery standards cannot meet the timeliness and quality … Read more

4 Ways To Improve Your Small Business’ Delivery

4 Ways To Improve Your Small Business Delivery

Small business retailers constantly need to find new ways to compete with retail and e-commerce giants in order to draw customers and build a brand. Easier said than done, we know, but one competitive advantage small businesses have is their flexibility and speed at which they can implement new processes for last mile delivery. If … Read more

What Is Business to Business Logistics?

What Is Business to Business logistics?

Business to business logistics, commonly referred to as B2B logistics, is a crucial part of the supply chain puzzle. The ability to move products efficiently and manage inventory will ultimately improve your customer’s experience and improve sales numbers. So what is exactly? Here is how we’ll cover it: Defining business to business logistics Why is … Read more