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Costco Same Day Delivery Service

Bought new furniture or something big and need a truck? Call Your Friend With a Truck: Bungii!

Meet Bungii, the app that sends a truck to you at Costco or anywhere. It’s the easiest way to borrow a truck, except a mover is included and a headache isn’t. How it works: 

1. Download the app. 

2. Take a picture of what needs to be moved. 

3. Get connected with a pickup to help move, haul & deliver your stuff. On-demand or schedule a time.


Costco Same Day Pickup & Delivery

Want to get your large item Costco purchases home from right now, and your car’s too small?  We can help.  Bungii is like a ride share app, but to move your stuff.  We will meet you at Costco and help you load your stuff.  Your Bungii driver will even help you unload your purchases when you get home.

Download the App, and get a free quote.  It takes just a couple minutes.  See why Bungii is your best choice for Costco same day deliveries.