Why Bungii

earn extra cash

Who couldn’t use more money? Earn up to $40/hour driving with Bungii. 

Build Your Resume

Driving with Bungii is a great resume builder that can help you land your dream job. Take your resume to the next level here.

work when you want

Leave the onerous 9-5 behind. With Bungii, you decide when you're available.


Bungii drivers average 1,200 steps per trip. Doing a few Bungiis a day makes you more active than most Americans. 


"I spent six hours online today and my truck just made it’s monthly payment."

bungii consumer uses app

- Josh C.

"This is the perfect opportunity for a side gig. You can’t beat Bungii’s flexibility."

bungii consumer uses app

- Sidney C.

"I’m averaging more dollars per hour than I’ve ever made."

bungii consumer uses app

- Sage B.

The Basics

Strong but not superman

Bungii drivers help with the loading & unloading. We ask that you're able to lift and carry up to 100 pounds because oak desks are heavy.

Lock it Down

During transit, we prefer that customer's items stay in the truck. Therefore, a basic knowledge of how to strap & secure items is necessary. 

Beyond the Beater

Don't get us wrong; vintage trucks are really cool but we ask that all of our Bungii drivers sport 2003s or newer

Straps on Straps

At minimum, we ask that Bungii drivers have four ratchet straps, two bungee cords, two moving blankets and a tarp... but if we know anything about truck owners, all of this is most likely on hand.