I have a question.+

  • We are more than happy to help. Please text customer support at (913) 353-6683.

So what exactly is Bungii?+

We're an app similar to other popular ridesharing apps but instead of moving you, we move your stuff. Here's the quick-and-dirty rundown of how it works:

  1. Enter your trip information.
  2. Get connected with a local truck & driver.
  3. Load and go. (Yes, our drivers help with the heavy lifing.)
  4. Rate your driver and pay!

I want to drive for Bungii. Where do I apply?+

  • Awesome! We're always looking for great people to drive with Bungii. You can apply at (FYI - it's best if you apply on a computer)

Can I get an estimate beforehand?+

  • Of course! Enter the pickup and drop off addresses and we’ll provide you with an idea of your final cost. To make things accurate, we've added 15 minutes for loading and unloading in the estimate cost.

How do I request a Bungii?+

We try to make it easy on you:

  1. Enter the pickup and drop off addresses.
  2. Take a picture of the item(s) needing to be moved.
  3. Tap "Request Bungii!"

Within five minutes, you're be connected with a local driver who is heading to the pickup location you entered.

Can I schedule a Bungii ahead of time?+

  • Absolutely! You can schedule a Bungii delivery after the "get estimate" page.

I can't/don't want to do any lifting. Can you send two drivers?+

  • Yes! You can requets two drivers in the app (*Atlanta customers: we may need a 1-2 day notice to coordinate two drivers).

Can I contact my driver?+

  • Yes! Once you’re connected with your driver, you have the option to call or text them. Whether it’s for special instructions, more details or just to say hi, our drivers love hearing from you.

When is my card charged?+

  • Your card is not charged until the Bungii trip is complete. However, we ask that you enter it beforehand to make sure it's valid.

Do I need to be at the pickup and drop off location?+

  • Negative. We’ve had people request Bungiis from different cities. However, if it's a big item, we ask that someone is there to help our drivers load and unload.

What if the item is too big for me to pick up by myself?+

  • No problem! All of our drivers help load and unload. Just remember: our drivers are strong but they’re not superman.

How do promo codes work?+

  • Any promo code in your "Save Money" page is automatically applied to your next Bungii. Promo codes are available during various Bungii promotions, however, you can receive a promo code at any time by referring a friend.

  • Our $30 minimum still applies, which means the promo amount is credited to any charge above the minimum. For example, with a $10 promo code applied, a $36 charge would cost $30 and a $41 charge would cost $31.

Do I need to provide rope, cord and tie-downs?+

  • Nope! All of our drivers have four ratchet straps, two bungee cords, two blankets and a tarp to secure your stuff.

Can I ride with my driver?+

  • Sorry, our drivers are prohibited from transporting people. Our insurance only covers the items that are being delivered.

What if all my stuff won't fit in a single Bungii?+

  • Not a problem! Request another Bungii after your first trip is complete.

What if there's an issue during my Bungii trip?+

  • Please contact text support at (913) 353-6683 or email us at immediately.