Holiday Trends 2022: Is your Delivery Ready for the End-of-Year Holiday Season?

2022 has been less of a rollercoaster ride than the preceding years but retailers are still catching up to the life changes from the pandemic. The demand for fast, same-day retail delivery has skyrocketed; retailers who have evolved to live up to those demands are thriving. 

As we begin ramping up for holiday season, how has your business prepared to meet and exceed delivery expectations? Is your technology up to the expectations of customers in areas like package tracking? Is your business able to satisfy the ever growing demand for delivery?

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Major Trends for Holiday Delivery in 2022

Holidays are always hectic! Whether shoppers have planning ahead or are frantically looking last-minute, customers across the nation will be searching for the perfect gift for their friends and family. This isn’t a new trend.  But what is new is the importance of quick delivery and the expectations that large merchandise will be readily available. According to major logistics companies, you can expect these new holiday trends in 2022:

  • Same-day delivery for large item purchases
  • Inventory and in-store management of large items to support customer demands and manage inventory more efficiently
  • Major items (think: TVs, electronics, appliances, workout equipment, art work, bicycles, toys & playsets, outdoor heaters, and fire pits) will all command a substantial need for delivery

How is big & bulky delivery different than regular retail delivery?

  1. Large items tend to get more notice and have higher expectations from customers. This is usually because they are spending more and emotions are higher. Everybody loves a good wow-factor, especially when it comes to gifting to kiddos… or the spouse that has had their eye on a new flatscreen to watch the game. 
  2. Big item delivery can be more cumbersome or intimidating for customers: How do I coordinate delivery? How does it get in my house… will it be a surprise?  We all want the surprise to be under the tree, not blocking the door when your kids get home from school. Consider allowing simple coordination for customers carefully watching their time.
  3. Big item delivery often means higher need for tracking and transparency for delivery options such as threshold delivery, white glove, etc. Huffing and puffing and playing Tetris with boxes isn’t the answer. But in the same token, it’s hard to trust others with your new expensive purchases. Tracking and transparency provides relief for all involved.

Why is technology so important and what can I do to keep up?

  1. While it used to be a bonus, tracking & delivery estimates have now become the expectation for customers. 
  2. Having an integrated technology system with your Point of Sale System (POS) helps you know the delivery charge up front, allows for scheduling right then and there, and adds data to your books so you can streamline your business.
  3. Photo verification removes liability and saves on damage fees. This also gives customers peace of mind when scheduling the delivery of important purchases. 

While the holidays are a huge money maker they can also strain companies. Not only will updating your technology result in a great customer experience, we have found that it also reduces Op-Ex. The glowing reviews and repeat clients? That’s the cherry on top!

Bungii’s custom delivery options will streamline your last mile strategy

Final Mile Delivery

What can a delivery partner do to help increase my profits?

  1. Offering special delivery options for large items can mean closing the deal, even if your price is slightly higher. For example, your fire pit is $200 more than a competitor but if you offer highly coordinated delivery and patio set up the higher price may be worth it to your customers. 
  2. Do you have excess inventory at a store or warehouse across town? Move it around easily with a fleet delivery partner.
  3. Provide easy access to customers who want stay home and shop online: transport to your store quickly with a simple, same-day delivery service that’s fast and cost-effective.
  4. Tracking & timing notifications can save your team time in customer service. This unlocks more time to sell and manage your store.  Plus, reduced the man hours required to support customers.
  5. A small fleet delivery service like Bungii can often cost less than a larger delivery service, saving you money up front, especially if you are not passing that cost on to customers.

It’s clear that retailers are scrambling to keep up with the demands of consumers. 

In a recent interview Bungii’s Head of Business Development, John Maslowski, said, The holiday season seems to start earlier and earlier every year, with in-store and online demand (ie Omnichannel ) starting in October! Bungii’s omnichannel delivery solutions for big & bulky purchases enhance customers holiday shopping experience and drive more share of the $1+ trillion in U.S. holiday retail sales for clients.”

Can Bungii Help your business for 2022 holidays?

Bungii is a big and bulky, last mile service that unlocks on-demand delivery capabilities by combining a unique tech-enabled platform with a virtual fleet of delivery professionals. We can be your main source for last mile delivery, or an extension of your existing logistics network for large item, same-day delivery. We’ve activated same-day delivery for top brands nationwide and continue to grow, bringing an enhanced delivery experience to industry-leading companies.  Learn how to bolster your own logistics network and prepare for the holidays in three easy steps:

  1. Fill out the form below.
  2. Connect with our Business Partnership team so we can better understand your needs and answer any questions.
  3. Collaborate to build a custom solution catered to your business. This features flexible pricing, real-time delivery tracking, a tailored analytics dashboard, and a dedicated support team available seven days a week.  

Our team specializes in:

– On-demand home delivery (from warehouse or store)

– Expedited and hot shot business delivery

– Curbside pickup with threshold delivery (no personal contact)

– Same-day, commercial delivery

– Buy online & either pickup in store (BOPIS) or deliver from store or warehouse 

– Reverse logistics

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