How Bungii Changed Delivery for a Major Retailer in 45 Days

Changing last mile delivery for retailers doesn’t happen overnight. If you are waiting to add, or change, your last mile program to speed up your delivery, Bungii has the solution for your business. We have transformed hundreds of businesses by implementing custom solutions for their last mile needs. 

We solve the traditional problems of final mile logistics for major retailers across the US by bringing our last mile expertise and innovative technology to almost any type of business. In as little as 14 days, you can have a white-labeled last mile program running to provide flex capacity at a cost-effective margin that will delight your customers. One major retailer started seeing improvements in their customer satisfaction scores in just 14 days.

This nationally known furniture retailer came to us to help fill gaps in their supply chain. In less than a month, our last-mile experts designed a plan specific to their business, trained their staff on the ins and outs of our platform and began offering this same-day, last mile solution to their customers.

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About this Client

This major retailer sells a variety of large items including materials and palletized products. One of their biggest in-store sellers are large cabinets delivered on pallets. 

During our discovery process they wondered about the use of pickup trucks for deliveries; they also questioned the optics. Are the trucks dirty and dented? Do pickup trucks affect the quality of experience for our customers? Will smaller trucks be able to handle the size of the average delivery? These are all common questions when a business is accustomed to larger freight trucks. It can be jarring to trust a smaller vehicle class, like pickup trucks, for big and bulky deliveries.

But this is where Bungii shines. We are experts in recruiting, onboarding and training for last mile, big and bulky deliveries. The level of service we offer is incomparable to the typical delivery experience due to our stringent 18 point safety standard. This standard includes items like:

  • Multiple background checks which include social security tracing
  • An annual 20-point vehicle inspection requiring proof of vehicle functionality and high-quality vehicle condition 
  • Frequent equipment checks and verification
  • 360 degree driver performance and metric tracking 
  • Continued driver education and incident training
  • Multi-test training examinations prior to onboarding
  • Automated flagging system where machine learning analyzes 100+ delivery metrics in real time 

With Bungii’s industry-leading delivery drivers and robust and thorough inspections, we are unlocking a new vehicle class previously unavailable to logistics teams. But we don’t stop there – we learn more about each business’s specific needs to develop a custom program tailored to them. Here’s our process:

1. Consult with bungii Delivery Experts

We met with this client and talked through our same day delivery capabilities, showed how we manage large item deliveries, including palletized deliveries, and gave examples of how other partners use Bungii to deliver their products on pallets.

During the meeting we learned their typical delivery completed by a box or freight truck could be done by the Bungii’s more nimble fleet of pickup trucks. Not only could it be done, but it would also raise the quality and convenience of the delivery experience. We tailored our driver training to mirror that of this retailer’s caravan. The only difference during the delivery process was the type of vehicle that made the delivery! The Bungii virtual fleet continues to support this retailer’s delivery needs for palletized delivery, delighting their customers and exceeding the retailer’s expectations for service, speed and cost. Our fleet was a natural extension of their delivery program and has been a huge success, rolling out to additional stores nationwide.

2. Custom Delivery Options Built for You

Does this sound like something you may benefit from? Once we have a better understanding of your business we’ll collaborate with you on choosing the delivery options that best suit your needs. Then, our software engineers will build a custom portal to schedule and track your deliveries.

A few examples of custom options we’ve created for current partners include:

First Threshold Delivery

Multi-truck Delivery for Large Orders

Expedited Reverse Logistics

Custom delivery options give your business an advantage and results in a positive experience for your customers. A great example of this is our partner’s use of our expedited reverse logistics. With a traditional delivery, when a customer wants to replace an item it becomes a big hassle to return and retrieve the new product. There’s always a waiting period… it is a headache for the business and a poor experience for the customer.

After learning about this pain point from multiple retailers, we built an option to schedule a delivery and haul-away all at once. We’ll pick up the item that needs to be returned, bring it back to the store, and immediately deliver the replacement item. It saves time, simplifies the return, and improves the customer experience because of the unmatched speed and flexibility that our service provides. Do you have a different, unique situation? Let’s see if we can provide a customized solution!

The above are just a couple examples of how we listen to your needs and create custom options that will simplify your logistics for both you and your customers. 

Bungii’s custom delivery options will streamline your last mile strategy

Final Mile Delivery

3. Personal Training with Our Activation Team

Once your delivery options are in place we will work to train your staff and educate your store associates on how to use your online business portal. Our activation team creates a personalized path to success that includes video training, simple outlined instructions, and live Q&A’s to prepare your team. 

During your onboarding, our team is always available to answer any question about your business portal, how to refer our service to customers, and how to best utilize Bungii on a daily basis. We view our partners as a part of our business and work hard to make sure they can take full advantage of large item, same-day delivery.

4. Deliver an Industry-Leading Experience

At this point, your team is now trained and excited about same-day delivery. We often see the first delivery scheduled the same day of training. It can happen that fast!

Our collaboration with your business doesn’t stop on our launch day. We also offer consistent support, taking customer service off your plate. Our Customer Support team maintains an industry leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) of 87. We are always ready to facilitate a best-in-class experience that will simplify your last mile strategy and impress your customers.

We know from experience in the logistics industry that every business has different, specific delivery needs. There is never a one-size-fits-all solution to last mile delivery. That’s why we take a lot of pride in getting to know your business, hearing your concerns, and strengthening the areas of your business you want to improve. Our attention to detail and collaborative approach ensure we are a great last mile delivery partner for your business.

Bungii is the Leader in Same Day Delivery

Bungii is a big and bulky, last mile service that unlocks on-demand delivery capabilities by combining a unique tech-enabled platform with a virtual fleet of delivery professionals. We can be your main source for last mile delivery, or an extension of your existing logistics network for large item, same day delivery. We’ve activated same day delivery for top brands nationwide and continue to grow, bringing an enhanced delivery experience to industry-leading companies. We’ve increased multiple companies’ sales by over 20% and we’re confident we can do the same for you. Learn how to supercharge your own logistics network in three easy steps:

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  2. Connect with our Business Partnership team so we can better understand your needs and answer any questions.
  3. Collaborate to build a custom solution catered to your business. This features flexible pricing, real-time delivery tracking, a tailored analytics dashboard, and a dedicated support team available seven days a week.  

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