Letgo Same Day Delivery

Does Letgo Deliver?

Letgo is a mobile marketplace that allows users to buy and sell items through their app. It’s perfect if you are constantly looking for antiques or collectibles. It’s also great if you need to sell items and turn your clutter into cash. A small downside is Letgo same delivery can be tricky to track down. They don’t have a preferred delivery service, but we have a few ideas to help.

You can buy and sell items that aren’t in your area, but Letgo recommends being cautious of making a deal with someone who is not in your area. Shipping through FedEx and UPS doesn’t guarantee you will receive the right item from the seller. And shipping items to the buyer before you receive payment is a big risk. Using Letgo locally is the best way to utilize their marketplace and ensure the transaction goes smoothly.

Letgo Furniture Delivery

If you’re buying or selling furniture or other large items, Bungii is the perfect option for local delivery.

Imagine this: you’re scrolling through all the postings on Letgo and you find the bedroom set. Someone is trying to sell for cheap and you NEED to have it.

The only problem is your Ford Focus is nearly the same size as the bed itself. Yeah, that’s not gonna work.

But here’s the good news. Bungii is made for moments exactly like this. Especially when you’re buying big and bulky items and need a cheap pick up and delivery service.

Bungii is an app based delivery service that puts a pickup truck in your pocket. You can download the Bungii app and schedule your delivery on-demand, next day, or at anytime.

How does Bungii Work?


A Bungii driver will meet you at your Letgo pickup location. You can schedule your pickup in advance or request a delivery on-demand.


Don’t worry about finding someone to give you a hand. Your Bungii driver will happily help you load your stuff, then help you unload when you reach your destination.

Simply download the app, snap a picture of the items you need moved or a screenshot of the Letgo post, and you will instantly get a free quote. Then, request a driver to meet you, and you’re done!

Why Choose Bungii?

Not only can we guarantee a low price for delivery, but also our drivers are approved by background check and pass our 16 point safety standard. Having a Bungii Driver with you during your Letgo pick up will give you extra peace of mind while completing your transaction.

So next time you find the perfect sofa, dresser, or any large item on Letgo, go ahead and buy it and use Bungii to get it home.

Find out if we’re in your area, or suggest your city for our next city launch on our Bungii Cities page.

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