We’ve gotten some pretty crazy Bungii requests. So much so, that we think you may appreciate some of them. Here are the most ridiculous things we’ve been asked to help move:

-A pipe organ (Pretty hard for one person to lift by himself)
-A boa constrictor (Aren’t those dangerous?)
-A crate of deer urine (Think Dwight Schrute from The Office)
-A dozen puppies (They were really cute. It was hard to say no.)
-A crate of fireworks that were described as “faulty.” (Uh… Yikes.)
-A half melted (and still smoking) tractor tire (Yes, that’s considered hazardous.)

We’re all about helping you but unfortunately (well… maybe fortunately) we have to draw the line somewhere.

So what kind of people put up with all of this? Check out what the average Bungii driver is like here.