Request a truck thru the app - a Bungii driver can meet you in 20 minutes ( or less).  The Bungii driver will help you load your stuff, and help you unload when you get to your destination.

Other Truck Rental Companies

Drive to the truck rental company.  Hope they have a truck available. Read and fill out various rental agreement forms - detailing waivers, restrictions and potential penalties.  Drive back to where your stuff is. Try to load up your stuff by yourself - find out you can’t. Call friends or try to get a neighbor to help you.  After you’re done moving your stuff, find a gas station and pay to refill the truck. Hurry back to the truck rental company so you’re not charged an extra hour of rental time for being late.

See for yourself why Bungii is the fastest growing truck rental company in Atlanta.  Serving the cities of Buckhead, Brookhaven, College Park, Roswell- and all of the surrounding areas. The easiest truck rental option available.