On Demand Local Delivery

What Does on Demand Delivery Mean?

On Demand Delivery differs slightly in definition depending on which industry it is referring to. Most people think of food delivery when they hear the phrase “on-demand local delivery”. In the food industry, anything under an hour is considered on-demand. No one waits three hours for a pizza delivery and is happy about it. Because of expectations, on-demand tends to be very fast when it comes to food delivery.

For shipping and large item deliveries, the term “on-demand” is a little more loose. If a furniture store can deliver heavy or big & bulky items the same day or the next day, they will advertise it as on-demand delivery.This is because shipping large goods on short notice is a logistical nightmare. Plus, it’s just common sense that the standards of a ramen and sushi DoorDash delivery is different from a 3 piece sectional delivery from Big Lots.

Local Pickup and Delivery Service

Even though on demand delivery can be difficult to find for large items, we have some good news.

 Bungii is the perfect solution for moving anything big & bulky around town.

Bungii is a same day, local delivery service that specializes in hauling large items and big and bulky goods. Whether you’re buying a mattress from a store, need to get a craigslist purchase home, or anything in between– Bungii is a perfect option when you need to deliver large goods or heavy goods.

How does Bungii's On Demand Delivery Work?


A Bungii driver will meet you at your pickup location. You can schedule your pickup in advance or request a delivery on-demand.


Don’t worry about finding someone to give you a hand. Your Bungii driver will happily help you load your stuff, then help you unload when you reach your destination.

Simply download the app, snap a picture of the items you need moved, and you will instantly get a free quote. Then, request a driver to meet you, and you’re done!

Find out if we’re in your area, or suggest your city for our next city launch on our Bungii Cities page.

Eric Bolduc

Eric Bolduc

Eric is a Lead Content Strategist who eats, sleeps, and breathes final mile logistics. He has been writing about logistics technology and the latest delivery trends for the past 5 years.