ReeceNichols and Bungii


ReeceNichols and Bungii are proud to announce their partnership, which officially began in August of 2017. 

We’ve joined forces to help ease the pressure that real estate agents feel to provide excellent service to their clients. It's a constant need that agents and clients face; needing a pickup truck and not having one. Whether a seller simply needs to get those last few items to storage or a new homeowner is looking to complete the kitchen with a dining table, Bungii puts a pickup truck and driver right at their fingertips. Now all ReeceNichols agents have the ability to refer Bungii at a discounted partner rate to their clients. 

ReeceNichols is uniquely dominant in the Kansas City market and is respected as an excellent culture and efficient operation by brokers nationwide. We couldn’t be prouder to be a part of their process and get to work with such a great partner.