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Why Bungii?


Craigslist Pickup

It's a miracle: you just found the perfect piece of furniture for the perfect price on Craigslist. But the dreaded "FCFS" is on the listing and you have no way to get it home. Oh wait, yes you do. #TeamBungii


Store Delivery

It happens all the time: the bunk bed you just bought at IKEA for the twins doesn't actually fit in your trunk. Or Nebraska Furniture Mart's delivery is backed up two weeks and your party is this weekend. No worries, with Bungii your party is still on... and the twins are sleeping in their new bunk bed tonight.


Small moves

Big stuff + small cars + college move-in day = problems. Yes, your son may be able to find a way to fanagle his futon and 86'' flat screen TV to your Corolla's roof but if he's not an Eagle Scout we probably wouldn't recommend it.