Our Team


Ben Jackson Bungii Founder Startup Entrepreneur

Ben Jackson

Ben leads overall strategy. He moved to Kansas City a little over a year ago where he tried Tank 7 for the first time. Since then, his life has never been the same.


Entrepreneur Harrison Proffitt Startup Bungii Founder

Harrison Proffitt

Harrison is in charge of growth and expansion. As a back-to-back-to-back fantasty football champion, he's focused on channeling that success into the business world.


Eric Bolduc Bungii Founder Startup Entrepreneur

Eric Bolduc

Eric makes sure our written content looks sharp and our social media is internet ready. His favorite phrase is "tl;dr". The rest of us are still trying to figure out what that means.


Josh Camacho Bungii Founder Startup Entrepreneur

Josh Camacho

As the youngest GM in Marshall's history, Josh spent his free time using his truck to deliver large items for customers. He heard about Bungii and a few short weeks later he now oversees business development.