The Hard Way

During Bungii’s test market I distinctly remember getting a request where I met a customer outside of a large building. She took me through a double door, down a hallway, up three flights of steps, through another door, down another hallway, across a landing, and through a room where we ended up at an office. In this office were boxes piled high to the ceiling filled with books.

“I need these moved.” She said as she abruptly left.  

I remember standing there thinking, “You have to be kidding me! Each load down to my truck is going to take 10 minutes and there’s at least 15 loads worth of boxes.”

But since Bungii isn’t about me, I got to work.

If my math is right, I had about 150 minutes worth of carrying heavy boxes to rethink through the “brilliant” pricing model we had previously come up with. Looking back, if there’s one lesson I learned (the hard way, of course) throughout that ordeal it’s that time is important, time matters.

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