Tips for Buying Custom Furniture

Finding the perfect piece of furniture to complete your personal style isn’t always possible. The solution? Ordering custom furniture. Here are a few tips for buying custom furniture we think you should know:

  1. Plan Your Room
  2. Quality and Functionality
  3. Research Custom Furniture Makers
  4. Be Specific
  5. Get It Home

Plan Your Room

Before you make some calls or fill out an order form, plan the entire space around where your custom piece would go. The most common places to have custom furniture is in the kitchen/dining room and the living room. Those common rooms typically have a lot of traffic in the home and must have a lot of features. Features that can’t be fixed by just one custom piece, so make sure the rest of the room is completed first. A custom piece of furniture should be unique and complement everything else in the room. A great tool to test your layout is It’s a free website that will allow you to create blueprints and add furniture with specific dimensions.

Quality and Functionality

Quality and functionality should be on every furniture buying checklist, but especially when it comes to buying custom furniture. Custom furniture is a big investment, which means you need to make sure it is going to last. Go into the buying process knowing what you want the piece to be made out of and how it can function better than a standard, non-custom item. Knowing how you want it to function and defining its purpose before you reach out to custom furniture builders will save a lot of time.

Tips for buying custom living room furniture.

Research Custom Furniture Designers

Don’t settle when it comes to choosing your designer. Hiring the cheapest and quickest option will leave you with a piece that may not last long. Or worse, the designer will lack the attention to detail custom furniture requires. Hiring and collaborating with a skilled professional provides you the opportunity to discuss all the crucial features of the design and construction. A high quality designer will talk to you about:

  • Goals of customization
  • Size and style
  • Type of Fabric and material
  • Color options
  • Construction and assembly details
  • Custom features and requirements
  • Post-production support

If a designer has a good handle on these details, you know you are off to a good start.

Collaborate and Be Specific

If you are having second thoughts about a feature or have concerns about your plans, communicate them with your designer. Do not leave them in the dark and hope everything comes out okay. They want to collaborate with you and make sure that what they are building will be a proud, unique piece in your home. Being open and honest with your designer throughout the process will make everyone happier with the finished product.

Get It Home

You did your research, you didn’t compromise, and helped design your new favorite piece. But your custom designer doesn’t deliver. Now you have to get your custom sectional home and all you have is a 4-door sedan. Don’t panic, we’ve got the perfect solution: Use Bungii

Bungii is an on-demand delivery app that will connect you with a local, certified driver with a pickup truck in your area. Bungii can help you get your new purchase home faster and more convenient than other rental services. You can download the app and receive an estimate instantly.

Follow our tips for buying custom furniture and enjoy the collaborative process of making something unique to your home.