Bracing for Impact: What Retailers Need to Know About Holiday Returns

We’ve all ordered something online and realized after receiving it is not quite right or wasn’t as expected. No matter how hard online retailers work to minimize returns, they will always be a part of the buying experience for consumers. While small item returns can be somewhat straightforward, retailers are scrambling to figure out options for getting these big & bulky items back. Retailers who can solve this problem for consumers will win big.

According to Forrester Research Inc., 25% of all online buys are returned.¹ Large items are no exception to the chaos of holiday returns and are even more difficult to manage. Large item returns have increased during the pandemic from 10% to 11%. That includes a higher volume of purchases, according to XPO Logistics. 

But transporting large items adds significant complexity when compared to normal-sized parcels. Last year companies like FedEx and UPS added $24 fees on any package that weigh more than 50 pounds, signaling things to come in the large item delivery space.  

Per IBISWorld Research Group, online furniture sales in the U.S. have been growing by double-digits annually, leading to double digit growth in online furniture returns. Along with that, Bungii, who specializes in reverse logistics, has seen the size of items returned grow over 150% in the past six months. 

These diametrically opposed factors means storm clouds are rapidly approaching. Retailers should be asking themselves how to navigate what lies ahead. What if a customer could simply set out that dishwasher that didn’t work and it could be returned same day? That would be a game changer.

Retailers struggling to find solutions for big & bulky return items are turning to Bungii to solve this challenge. Bungii’s expertise in large, big & bulky same day delivery has given a major boost to retailers of all sizes.

Bungii is helping retailers by creating a seamless, highly transparent and reliable reverse logistics solution for retail stores.

How Bungii Can Boost Your Large Item Returns for Better Customer Service

Sending back small items, like clothes or shoes, can be a small inconvenience. But having a fridge or a sofa returned is a different story filled with headaches for both your customer and you. 

Wouldn’t it be nice for your customers to simply slap a label on a large item return and put it outside their door? Bungii allows them to do that. If one of your customers decides the new fridge they bought isn’t quite what they wanted, all they need to do is request a pick up. 

Bungii can be there within two hours ready to bring back your fridge so it can go back in stock and repackaged for another sale on the same day. Not only does same day returns help you keep track of your inventory, but it’s also a huge opportunity to impress your buyers with exceptional customer service making them more loyal to your store. 55% of consumers said offering a 2-hour delivery option would increase their brand loyalty.² Who knew a positive experience returning an item could turn a customer into one of your biggest fans?

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Bungii is the Leader in Same Day Delivery and Reverse Logistics Business Delivery

Major retailers are setting up regional return warehouses to accommodate the influx of returns this year. But many business don’t have the capital to set up regional centers on short notice. This is why a third party logistics service, like Bungii, who specializes in large item returns and exchanges is necessary. Bungii’s flexible platform and extensive virtual fleet can react and adapt to your business’ reverse logistics needs quickly.

Bungii is a big and bulky, last mile service that unlocks on-demand delivery capabilities to lower supply chain costs and increase customer satisfaction. We’ve partnered with retailers of all sizes to:

    • Collect pallets shipped to the wrong location.
    • Return furniture to the store and deliver new items back to the customer.
    • Haul equipment for special events to the event site and back to the warehouse after the event is over.
    • Retrieve OS&D (over, short and damaged) goods from stores, warehouses, or thecustomer’s residence.

    Our platform can provide a custom delivery service that covers customer returns, buy online, deliver from store (BODFS), and more. We have enabled same day delivery and reverse logistics for top brands nationwide and are actively seeking industry-leading companies that will benefit from an enhanced delivery experience. Learn how Bungii will help your business and supercharge your own supply chain in three easy steps:

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    2. Connect with our business partnership team so we can better understand your needs and answer any questions.
    3. From there, our team will build a custom solution, catered to your business. This features flexible pricing, real-time delivery tracking, a tailored analytics dashboard and a dedicated support team, available seven days a week. On average, going live takes less than a week. 

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