About Bungii

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide the most rapid and reliable way to deliver large items in every city.

The Founders

Bungii Founder

Ben Jackson

Co-Founder & CEO

Bungii Founder Proffitt

Harrison Proffitt

Co-Founder & CRO

Our First Pickup

On a hot Manhattan afternoon in 2015, Ben had four different friends ask if they could borrow his pickup to help haul stuff around town. Multiple truck loads later, being more worn out than his ’99 Ford Ranger, he laid in bed thinking, “there has to be a better way.”

The next day in class at K-State, Ben whispered his dilemma to Harrison Proffitt who nonchalantly replied, “Let’s start a business.” They walked out of that class with a simple concept in mind: tap a button, get a truck.

Bungii has come a long way since then and we look forward to being there for your next, “I need a truck” moment.