Estate Sales In Louisville

What is an estate sale?

Choosing an estate sale company can seem overwhelming. Many of them advertise the same perks and services, so finding the one that fits your budget and estate requires a little research. But don’t worry, we’re helping with the hard part and narrowing your list down to five of the best estate sale companies in Louisville we think are worth checking out.

What is an estate sale?

Before we highlight some of the top estate sale companies, let’s review what an estate sale is. An estate is a sale or auction used to remarket large amounts of items quickly. Common reasons to host an estate sale include:

  • Sell personal items of someone recently deceased
  • Divorce
  • Foreclosure
  • Downsizing to prepare for relocation

This is where estate sale companies come in. They will help appraise, organize, and operate a sale at the estate. The sale varies in length, but most estate sales are hosted for 2-4 days. If you want more info on how estate sale companies work, check out our previous post. 

If you are searching for estate sales to shop at, we suggest looking up sales in your area on They have the most listings for current and upcoming sales in the nation. 

Now let’s get to our list of top estate sales in Louisville.

Top Estate Sale Companies

Louisville Estate Sales


Louisville Estate Sales works hard to professionally appraise and stage each estate they host. What sets them apart from other estate sale companies is they run their sales for 2 full weekends rather than only 1. The extra time allows the word to get out and optimize the items sold.

Call them today and set up your free estimate and walkthrough to find out how Louisville Estate Sales can do for your time of transition.

Legacy Home & Estate Sale Services


Legacy Home & Estate Sale Services understands how stressful big life changes can be. That’s why their services includes every facet of an estate sale. They assist with Downsizing, organizing, cleaning, and donating any unsold items.

Legacy will list items for 2 weeks to maximize sales at the estate. They will host an open house and assist shoppers with purchasing items at a fair price.

If you need more information or would like to schedule a consultation, contact Legacy to see if they are a good fit for your estate needs.

Cellar Door Estate Sales


If you are selling or in the market to buy antiques and specialty items,  check out Cellar Door Estate Sales. They have plenty of experience hosting and promoting sales, and their knowledgeable staff have been appraising antiques, fine art, and collectibles for over 25 years.

Their expertise makes them a great choice if your estate has large amounts of fine art and collectibles that need appraising.

Each sale runs for 2 days over a weekend and they advertise on social media, local papers, and estate sale websites leading up to the sale.

Contact them for a consultation or sign up on their website to join their mailing list to stay up-to-date on all their sales.

Ray’s Estate Sale


Ray’s Estate Sales knows each estate sale has different needs and they will customize the sale to be the most profitable.

They are a full service company that will host on-site estate sales that can price household items, antiques, collectibles, and even vehicles. Ray’s doesn’t charge anything upfront and works off commission only after the sale is complete.

After your sale, if you need to sell the house as well, They are licensed realtors who can list the estate on the market. Contact them and find out how they can assist with your estate.

Miss Vickie’s Ques Tag Sales


Miss Vickie’s Ques Tag Sales has over 20 years of experience in the estate sale industry and uses their experience to run professional and effective sales. Their services include a custom business plan to fit specific needs and sort through the items that can offer a return.

They advertise in newspapers, on social media, and to their mailing list of over 2,000 customers.

Contact them and setup your initial consultation.

Use Bungii Delivery

If you are hosting or shopping at an estate sale and you have to move big and bulky items, use Bungii to take care of it. Bungii is an app based delivery service that offers same day delivery in Louisville.

With affordable rates and certified drivers who will help haul big and bulky items, Bungii is the best delivery solution for any estate sale in Louisville, Kentucky. Download the app today.