Best Estate Sale Companies
In Miami

Whether you’re searching for someone who can help you host an estate sale, or are looking to shop through a few estate sales, we’re compiling the best estate sale companies in Miami.

If you aren’t sure what an estate sale is, let’s cover the basics first.

What is an estate sale?

Before we highlight some of the top estate sale companies, let’s review what an estate sale is. An estate is a sale or auction used to remarket large amounts of items quickly. Common reasons to host an estate sale include:

  • Sell personal items of someone recently deceased
  • Divorce
  • Foreclosure
  • Downsizing to prepare for relocation

This is where estate sale companies come in. They will help appraise, organize, and operate a sale at the estate. The sale varies in length, but most estate sales last for 2-4 days. If you want more info on how estate sale companies work, check out our previous post. 

If you are searching for estate sales to shop at, we suggest looking up sales in your area on They have the most listings for current and upcoming sales in the nation. 

Now let’s get to our list of Best estate sales in Miami.

Top Estate Sale Companies

One White Orchard

(305) 851-5626

The team at One White Orchard has a healthy mix of local estate liquidation expertise and experience in big brand consumer retail. Pair those two with their background in marketing and they’ve found the perfect recipe for hosting professional and effective estate sales. 

1 White Orchard uses their marketing and retail expertise to advertise sales in advance, drive shopper traffic, and appraise merchandise accurately to ensure a positive experience for both clients and shoppers.

If you want to find out where their next sale is, join their mailing list online to stay up-to-date with where they are working next.

B & F Estate Sales

(954) 401-2222

B & F Estate Sale has been operating in South Florida for over 30 years and has a solid reputation with real estate groups and antique dealers in the area. Their connections allow them to appraise and sell estate items to other experts which maximizes sales.

Their services include a free consultation, organizing and staging, and advertising in local newspapers before the sale begins.

During the sale, they provide a full staff that will make sure the sale runs smoothly and provide a great experience for the shoppers who visit.

Kofski Antiques & Estate Sales

(561) 585-1976

Kofski Antiques & Estate Sales has a unique business model that ensures antiques have correct pricing and are the highlight of the sale. They are specialists when it comes to appraising antique furniture and unique outdoor/patio items.

Clearing out extra items after the sale is easy too. Any antique items that aren’t sold during the estate sale will be sold at the Kofski Antiques store location.

Call ahead for your free consultation and find out how Kofski can help you.

Estate Sales of South Florida

(561) 667-0552

Start with a free on-site consultation and find out if Estate Sales of South Florida is the right fit for your estate. They provide full service hosting for every sale. It includes: research and appraisal, staging, staff and supplies (tents, tables, and signage). After the sale, they also prepare the remaining items for donation or storage.

There are no hidden fees or minimum guarantees since they work on commission only. Depending on the size of the sale, their commission rate runs between 30%-35%.

If there are high priced items left over, they will help take those items to auction so that the item can go for the highest price possible.

Baron Estate Sales

(305) 205-5028

Baron Estate Sales goes above and beyond to make sure each estate sale is professional and safe. They provide security on site to help eliminate theft during the 2-3 day sale.

Baron Estate Sales will also appraise & stage, fully staff the sale with helpful professionals, and help donate unsold items to reputable charities.

Once the sale is completely done, they will submit full payment to the estate within 7 days to ensure transparency and quick cash.

Use Bungii Delivery

If you are hosting or shopping at an estate sale and you have to move big and bulky items, use Bungii to take care of it. Bungii is an app based delivery service that offers same day delivery in South Florida.

With affordable rates and certified drivers who will help haul big and bulky items, Bungii is the best delivery solution for the top estate sale companies in Miami. Download the app today.