Best Estate Sale Companies
In Nashville

Whether you’re searching for someone who can help you host an estate sale, or are looking to shop through a few estate sales, we’re compiling the top estate sale companies in Nashville.

If you aren’t sure what an estate sale is, let’s cover the basics first.

What is an estate sale?

Before we highlight some of the top estate sale companies, let’s review what an estate sale is. An estate is a sale or auction used to remarket large amounts of items quickly. Common reasons to host an estate sale include:

  • Sell personal items of someone recently deceased
  • Divorce
  • Foreclosure
  • Downsizing to prepare for relocation

This is where estate sale companies come in. They will help appraise, organize, and operate a sale at the estate. The sale varies in length, but most estate sales last for 2-4 days. If you want more info on how estate sale companies work, check out our previous post. 

If you are searching for estate sales to shop at, we suggest looking up sales in your area on They have the most listings for current and upcoming sales in the nation. 

Now let’s get to our list of best estate sales in Nashville.

Top Estate Sale Companies In Nashville

Busy Bee Moving Sales

(615) 864-8991

Busy Bee Moving Sales takes all the guesswork out of selling your estate. They are a full service company that will advertise, research, appraise, stage, and sell your items. After the sale, they will even help you clean up and organize anything that is left over.

They believe in transparency and take a fair commision of 35% after the sale. If you do have large items left over after your estate sale, Busy Bee has the resources and services to help you haul away or donate anything that must go.

BLVD Estate Sales

(615) 400-5116

The team over at BLVD Estate Sales started in Nashville and has a great reputation in the city for liquidating assets. They specialize in evaluating antiques & collectibles and have a great eye for appraising unique items many companies would overlook.

Their services include pricing, staging, promotion on their website, and removal of unsold items. In addition to those services, their sales get great exposure due to their exclusive email list of over 6,000 shoppers.

Check out their website and join their email list to find out where the next sales are happening.

Caring Transitions of Greater Nashville

(615) 335-6936

Caring Transitions of Greater Nashville is the definition of full service when it comes to selling and life transitions. They provide real estate and relocation services, can host your estate sale and online auctions, or just help with downsizing your possessions.

They know life transitions can be difficult, so they will meet with you and come up with a customized plan that will meet your exact needs. Customized plans can include liquidating business assets, organizing inventory and decluttering, and coordinate moving companies who will pack and unpack.

 Call for a free consultation and find out how Caring Transitions can help you or your loved one make life simpler.

Dogwood Estate Sales

(615) 406-8476

Dogwood Estate Sales has been operating in the Nashville area since 2008 and offers a wide range of services for each sale they host. They have licenses and insurance for each sale and will conduct all the advertising, setup, and sales for your estate.

Their fee is 35% commission after the sale and they will assist with clean up if there are items left over. Contact them today for a free consultation to find out if they are the right fit for your estate needs.

Use Bungii Delivery

If you are hosting or shopping at an estate sale and you have to move big and bulky items, use Bungii to take care of it. Bungii is an app based delivery service that offers same day delivery in Nashville.

With affordable rates and certified drivers who will help haul big and bulky items, Bungii is the best delivery solution for the best estate sale companies in Nashville. Download the app today.