Have Bungii needs for your business? We’ve got you covered. Simply fill out the short form below, and we’ll have a Bungii driver at the front door of your business to help move, haul and delivery your large items. Each Bungii driver will arrive on site with:

  • Standard size pickup truck

  • Ratchet straps

  • Moving Blankets

  • Tarp

Our promise

From day one, we’ve made it a point to do two things: delight you, the customer, and do the right thing as a company. We want to “wow” you with the service! If there is a way we can better meet your needs, we’d love to hear where we can improve. Please don’t hesitate to reach out to our support team @ 913-353-6683 so we can provide you with the best service possible.

To schedule a delivery, please fill out the form below:

*We’ll inform you via text when your delivery has been booked*

Point of contact *
Point of contact
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Delivery date
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Driver arrive for pick-up time
To allow sufficient time for driver arrival, please schedule your pick-up at least 2 hours from current time.

**If you have questions or are needing to cancel a delivery, please text our support team @ 913-353-6683.