The Bungii Benefit

Increase Sales

On average, we arrive on site 23 minutes after the order is placed. Get more items off the floor & out the door with our on-demand 5-star delivery service.  

worry about what's important

Focus on the important stuff, like running your business. Never ask, "What delivery time frame works best for you?" again. 

7 day support

We have customer success specialists available via phone, text or email all day, every day to ensure you and your customers are taken care of. 

Why Bungii?

"Bungii gives our customers an opportunity to get something [home] that they need today."

-Josh M, GM of The Dump Furniture Store 

easy to use technology

1. Take a picture of the item(s) needing to be moved.

2. Instantly get connected with a local driver upon request.

3. Rate your experience and pay your driver.

The Bungii Guarantee

Simple Pricing

At $1/min + $1/mile the average Bungii costs $40. Customers can get an instant estimate in the app before the service.

Incredible service

We've completed 25,000+ deliveries all over the country and have nothing but 5-star reviews to show for it. With a Net Promoter Score of 87, we know how to make your customers happy. 

peace of mind

Your merchandise is safe with us. With our $1M liability policy you can rest assured that your product and customers are taken care of.



"Bungii is fabulous to work with. It's a lot easier to make a sale when you can offer same-hour delivery!"

Home Goods General Manager Damion Smith

- Ray Smith, Home Goods GM


We Deliver From

World Market & Bungii
Costo & West Elm


Whether it's police, fire, or EMT, our drivers wear uniforms for their day jobs. Even still, every Bungii driver has passed an eight point safety standard to ensure the safety of you and your customers.

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