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Deliver in hours, not days. Our commitment to service combines with speed, reliability and an ability to flex during peak seasons.

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comprehensive delivery services

In-Home Delivery

Offering a wide range from white glove to threshold delivery, our simple platform features flexible pricing and seamless integration.

Reverse Logistics

Returns  from customers or clients are done quickly and easily with our intuitive scheduling and real-time tracking platform.  

Business to Business

Whether you’re selling to other businesses or moving loads to warehouses or stores, our solutions make business more efficient. 

BODFS & Threshold

Our contactless range of delivery options includes threshold, curb-side, non-contact pickup, and buy online, deliver from store (BODFS)

Hotshot & Last Mile

Our local, last mile hot shots are direct and exclusively for your cargo. No long-term contracts, and no hassles. 

Fleet Enhancement

Need overflow help during busy times or peak seasons?  We help you tackle your toughest on-demand delivery challenges. 


Real Customers, Real Results

Partner A


Issue Closed

Their Pain Point

The partner’s delivery order process was clunky, hard to navigate, and confusing to manage.

Puzzle, Game, Jigsaw, Solution, Strategy

Our Solution

Created a custom web portal for store employees and integrated directly into their existing POS/TMS.

From the Customer

“With Bungii, our customers are receiving their product 3x faster on average and returns for damages or incorrect orders have been reduced by 11%.”

Partner B


Issue Closed

Their Pain Point

Customers had large delivery windows with little to no status updates or tracking visibility.

Puzzle, Game, Jigsaw, Solution, Strategy

Our Solution

Created a custom workflow that consumed the partner’s existing endpoints.

From the Customer

“The tracking visibility that Bungii provides far exceeds any delivery service we’ve experienced. It seems like we’re receiving constant positive feedback, boosting our final mile NPS by almost 20 points.”

The Bungii Benefit

Increase Sales

On average, we arrive on site 22 minutes after an order is placed. Our offering is proven to increase sales and drive repeat business.

Real-time Tracking & ETAs

We utilize the latest technologies to provide end customers with industry-leading transparency and real-time updates.

7 Day Support

Our customer success team is available every day of the week to ensure the highest quality of service for you and your customers. 

Local Delivery Networks

Boston, MA

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Kansas City, MO

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Wichita, KS

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Indianapolis, IN

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Columbus, OH

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Louisville, KY

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Miami, FL

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Nashville, TN

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San Francisco, CA

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Oklahoma City, OK

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Phoenix, AZ

11 of 55

Dallas, TX

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El Paso, TX

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Tucson, AZ

14 of 55

Houston, TX

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Austin, TX

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San Antonio, TX

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Seattle, WA

18 of 55

Greenville, SC

19 of 55

Denver, CO

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Minneapolis, MN

21 of 55

Detroit, MI

22 of 55

Richmond, VA

23 of 55

Charlotte, NC

24 of 55

Las Vegas, NV

25 of 55

Memphis, TN

26 of 55

Cincinnati, OH

27 of 55

Cleveland, OH

28 of 55

Orlando, FL

29 of 55

Tampa, FL

30 of 55

Fort Myers, FL

31 of 55

Jacksonville, FL

32 of 55

Atlanta, GA

33 of 55

Los Angeles, CA

34 of 55

Milwaukee, WI

35 of 55

Philadelphia, PA

36 of 55

Port St. Lucie, FL

37 of 55

Pittsburgh, PA

38 of 55

Portland, OR

39 of 55

Providence, RI

40 of 55

Sacramento, CA

41 of 55

Salt Lake City, UT

42 of 55

New Orleans, LA

43 of 55

San Diego, CA

44 of 55

Albuquerque, NM

45 of 55

St. Louis, MO

46 of 55

Chicago, IL

47 of 55

Virginia Beach, VA

48 of 55

Baltimore, MD

49 of 55

Washington DC

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Fairfield, CT

51 of 55

North New Jersey

52 of 55

Raleigh-Cary, NC

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Birmingham, AL

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Omaha, NE

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Advanced Analytics capabilities

Bungii’s analytics platform gives you full visibility into trending and historical performance, customer metrics, delivery metrics, and anything else your operations or store teams may need to know.

"Bungii is fabulous to work with and has solved a major pain point. Our customers love having a same-hour delivery option!"

<b>Ray Smith</b>, Home Goods

Ray Smith, Home Goods

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