On-demand delivery platform that integrates seamlessly into your existing processes. Our premium delivery solutions are built on an industry-leading, intelligent logistics platform.

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The Bungii Benefit

Increase Sales

On average, we arrive on site within minutes after an order is placed. Our offering is proven to increase sales and drive repeat business.

Real-time Tracking & ETAs

We utilize the latest technologies to provide end customers with industry-leading transparency and real-time updates.

7 Day Support

Our customer success team is available every day of the week to ensure the highest quality of service for you and your customers. 

Our Drivers

Every Bungii driver has passed a 18-point safety standard to ensure a consistent, top-notch service. Our drivers boast of a 99% 5-star customer rating overall and deliver from over 5,000 retailers and businesses.

Beyond Delivery

We offer a lot more than just shipping. 


Delivery is managed from a simple online platform that features flexible pricing options, efficient delivery scheduling and real-time tracking.


Whether it is a store-to-customer delivery or business-to-business hot shot, Bungii handles everything including full-transaction processing, assembly and the logistics.


Bungii offers a full custom analytics dashboard, and includes additional support like monthly business reviews, digital and marketing collateral, and PR opportunities.


As a Bungii partner, you get the benefit of our centralized customer care system, with dedicated account management and a dedicated resolution funnel for just your business.


One Platform to move it all

Bungii can supercharge your retail operation by offering on-demand delivery, integrated seamlessly into your sales process.  We lead the industry in advanced logistic algorithms, so we can plug in to your existing operations, and get you running with Bungii in as little as two weeks!


Advanced Analytics capabilities

Bungii’s analytics platform gives you full visibility into trending and historical performance, customer metrics, delivery metrics, and anything else your operations team may need to know.

"Bungii is fabulous to work with and has solved a major pain point. Our customers love having a same-hour delivery option!"

Picture of <b>Ray Smith</b>, Home Goods GM

Ray Smith, Home Goods GM

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