On-demand delivery service that integrates seamlessly into your existing processes. Our premium delivery solution is built on an industry-leading, intelligent logistics platform.

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The Bungii Benefit


On average, we arrive on site 22 minutes after an order is placed. Our offering is proven to increase sales and drive repeat business.


We utilize the latest technologies to provide end customers with industry-leading transparency and real-time updates.


Our customer success team is available every day of the week to ensure the highest quality of service for you and your customers. 

Our Drivers

Every Bungii driver has passed a 16-point safety standard to ensure a consistent, top-notch service. Our drivers boast of a 99% 5-star customer rating overall and deliver from over 5,000 retailers and businesses.

Beyond Delivery

We do a lot more than just ship products from your stores.


Delivery is managed from a simple online platform that features flexible pricing options, efficient delivery scheduling and real-time tracking.


Whether it is a store-to-customer delivery or business-to-business hot shot, Bungii handles everything including full-transaction processing, assembly and the logistics.


Bungii offers a full custom analytics dashboard, and includes additional support like monthly business reviews, digital and marketing collateral, and PR opportunities.


As a Bungii partner, you get the benefit of our centralized customer care system, with dedicated account management and a dedicated resolution funnel for just your business.


One Platform to move it all

Bungii can supercharge your retail operation by offering on-demand delivery, integrated seamlessly into your sales process.  We lead the industry in advanced logistic algorithms, so we can plug in to your existing operations, and get you running with Bungii in as little as two weeks!


Advanced Analytics capabilities

Bungii’s analytics platform gives you full visibility into trending and historical performance, customer metrics, delivery metrics, and anything else your operations team may need to know.

"Bungii is fabulous to work with and has solved a major pain point. Our customers love having a same-hour delivery option!"

<b>Ray Smith</b>, Home Goods GM

Ray Smith, Home Goods GM

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Denver, CO

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Detroit, MI

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Richmond, VA

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Charlotte, NC

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Las Vegas, NV

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Memphis, TN

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Jacksonville, FL

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Atlanta, GA

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Los Angeles, CA

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Milwaukee, WI

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New York, NY

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Philadelphia, PA

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Port St. Lucie, FL

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Pittsburgh, PA

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Portland, OR

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Providence, RI

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Sacramento, CA

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Salt Lake City, UT

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New Orleans, LA

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San Diego, CA

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Albuquerque, NM

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Partnership FAQ


final mile made simple

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Partnership FAQ

Absolutely! Customers are becoming more influenced by their supply chain experience than by any other types of interactions.

  • 55% of shoppers move to competition when delivery isn’t fast enough. (AlixPartners survey – 2019)
  • 89% of consumers now define fast delivery as same day. (Multichannel Merchant article – 2020)
  • 61% of consumers said offering a same-day delivery option would increase their brand loyalty. (Capgemini Research Institute study- 2020)
  • Consumer demand for home delivery of large product and appliance categories has grown over 40% since 2015, the two fastest growing product categories outside of food & grocery. (Stifel Industry report – 2018)

We can facilitate in many different types of delivery, however, we specialize in big & bulky, final mile, same-day delivery. Our core capabilities include: 

    • Home delivery (retail store to home, DC/warehouse to home)
    • Reverse logistics (home-to-store/warehouse, store-to-warehouse)
    • Local carrier (store-to-store, warehouse-to-store, expedited exclusive use deliveries)

More specifically, our service levels vary depending on the needs of our partners and their customers. These include but are not limited to: 

    • Threshold delivery
    • Room of choice
    • White glove
    • Simple assembly / installation
    • Custom partner requests

Learn more on our business services page

We collaborate with our partners to provide custom solutions that best suits your team and your customers. Our platform facilitates delivery through web-based portals, mobile applications and various levels of integration including API, EDI, POS and e-Commerce. 

See our tech first hand and find out what we can do for your business here

All delivery professionals must pass and adhere to our stringent 16-point safety standard to be Bungii Certified. This helps us ensure the highest level of quality. Additional information about our delivery professionals is below:  

  • Less than 15% of driver applicants are able to pass Bungii certification requirements
  • 99.4% of Bungii drivers on our platform are rated 5/5 stars. 
  • Our safety standard includes background check, vehicle inspections, interviews, training and a perfect 100% on the final examination.
  • 100+ delivery metrics are analyzed by our platform in real time via machine learning to ensure customers experience a consistent, industry-leading service.

Delivery vehicles in our network include pickup trucks, sprinter vans and cargo vans.

Drivers are available 7 days/week, 365 days/year. Core service hours are 7:30AM – 8:00PM CST with ability to service deliveries outside these hours.

We deliver an industry leading average response time of 22 minutes for our on-demand option. This is our standard process; there is no up-charge for this service. We also provide the option to schedule deliveries ahead of time if preferred. 

We utilize custom, value based pricing based on our partner’s strategy and needs.

Yes, we collaborate with our partners to grow together. Learn more and get in touch with one of our delivery specialists at bungii.com/business.

Our standard vehicle weight capacity is 2,000 pounds or 2 pallets. Minimum cubic dimensions are 72” height, 90” length, 50” width.

Given our on-demand business model, we consistently (99.6%) meet a 1-hour delivery window, which exceeds the industry standard of multi-hour delivery windows. The customer is always aware of our driver’s location and ETA, down to the minute. We hold ourself to a higher standard to deliver an exceptional customer experience far beyond industry standards.

Yes! Our platform is built on a sophisticated, elastic load-balancing, micro-service architecture. From day one, it has been designed to handle rapid shifts in demand without jeopardizing the technical flexibility required to serve our customer’s needs. 

Our team has vast experience in architecting and implementing real-time integrations with 3rd party POS, payment gateways, middleware, ERP systems, etc. Such integrations are typically handled with API endpoints on one or both sides.

Our award-winning customer service team is standing by 7 days a week, 365 days a year to ensure a consistent, industry-leading experience for you and your customers. Our average support response time is 75 seconds and our job isn’t finished until you’re happy. 


Real Customers, Real Results

Partner A


Issue Closed

Their Pain Point

The partner’s delivery order process was clunky, hard to navigate, and confusing to manage.

Puzzle, Game, Jigsaw, Solution, Strategy

Our Solution

Created a custom web portal for store employees and integrated directly into their existing POS/TMS.

From the Customer

“With Bungii, our customers are receiving their product 3x faster on average and returns for damages or incorrect orders have been reduced by 11%.”

Partner B


Issue Closed

Their Pain Point

Customers had large delivery windows with little to no status updates or tracking visibility.

Puzzle, Game, Jigsaw, Solution, Strategy

Our Solution

Created a custom workflow that consumed the partner’s existing endpoints.

From the Customer

“The tracking visibility that Bungii provides far exceeds any delivery service we’ve experienced. It seems like we’re receiving constant positive feedback, boosting our final mile NPS by almost 20 points.”

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