How To Make Money With A Pickup Truck

How Can I Make Money With My Pickup Truck?

how can you turn the demand for trucks into cash in your pocket? We’ve got a few ideas on how you can make money with a pickup truck.

A pickup truck is the perfect vehicle to use for a frequent side hustle. It’s versatile, has plenty of power, and most people don’t have one readily accessible. That means if you already own a pickup truck, people out there need what you have. Here’s a few quick ideas to get extra money in your pocket.

Snow Plowing

If you live in a cold weather state, snow plowing services are always in high demand during the winter months. It will require extra startup costs, but a reliable plow that attaches to your truck is worth it in the long run. A solid plow will run between $600-$1500.

There are more expensive, heavy duty plows out there, but we like this manual lift adjust plow from Snow Plows Direct.

Once you’ve got a plow purchased, you can start advertising on social media, or by stopping by local businesses and quoting them your price. One idea to earn first time business is to plow parking lots for free on the first snow and prove you can provide a great service at a competitive price.

How to Make Money With A Pickup Truck


Offering towing services is a no brainer if you’ve got a truck and a ball hitch. People are constantly moving  large items like boats, cars, and motorcycles on trailers and out of storage. Tapping into the multi-billion dollar industry of towing is an easy way to put your truck to use for extra cash.

Promote yourself on social media and ask storage facilities if you can leave some business cards or flyers at their front desk. Being referred as a towing option in and out of storage could drum up business faster than you think.

Advertise on your truck

If you are really serious about making money with your truck, companies will pay you monthly to wrap your truck in their advertisement. Trucks are great for wrapping because some vehicle wrapping companies pay by the square foot, so the bigger the better. 

If you’re willing to wrap the whole thing, you could end up making close to $1,000 per month just for driving around town in your truck.

Check out Carvertise and find out how you can wrap your truck for money.

Car and Truck Wrap
Via Carvertise

Deliver Large Items

Putting your truck bed to use has never been easier. Sign up as a Bungii Driver and move people’s stuff on your own time. Bungii is a driving app that pays drivers an average of $40/hour and lets them set their own schedule. 

Finding people who need to move can be tough on your own, but Bungii finds the trips for you. Deliver couches, mattresses, boxes out of storage, or anything else that fits in the bed of your pick up. 

Join our network of awesome drivers and make extra income with your truck.

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