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What is the Last Mile Delivery?

Last mile delivery and final mile delivery are interchangeable terms describing the last piece of the supply chain. It often is the shipment of goods from a warehouse, fulfillment center, or store to the item’s final delivery destination. Large corporations, small businesses, and everything in between all use some form of final mile services to get their product in their customer’s hands faster or easier.

If you want more details on final mile delivery, read our complete guide on last mile logistics.

Final Mile Carrier

The companies that complete final mile delivery are final mile carriers. The largest, traditional final mile carriers are freight companies or legacy companies like FedEX, UPS, and USPS. As effective as each of these companies are, they still have limitations because of inefficient routes, inability to deliver large items, and overhead costs of final mile services. 

Final Mile Delivery | Final Mile Services

Final Mile Tracking

Final Mile Tracking is important because consumers are expecting increased clarity and faster delivery options with each new order. Last mile logistics is a growing industry valued at over $1 Billion each year. Demand is still increasing due to the unstoppable trend of e-commerce. Customers want to buy items right away and see each stage of delivery until it is in their hands.

In response to the emerging need to show delivery tracking, companies like Amazon, UPS, and FedEx offer precise tracking. Precise tracking is done with more data checkpoints that show customers when their order has been registered, filled, shipped from the warehouse, and out for delivery

How Bungii Can Help

Legacy carriers and traditional delivery services are good solutions for parcels or small item delivery. But they can’t handle big and bulky items while providing same day or next day delivery. This is the space that Bungii is filling perfectly for a few reasons:

1. Bungii is cost effective with deliveries averaging around $50 in total cost.

2. Large items like furniture, mattresses, business supplies, and big boxes are exactly what we move best.

3. We provide real-time, complete delivery tracking and data analytics to help see how inventory moves.

If your business needs Final Mile Services, contact us and find out how we can improve your final mile logistics strategy. Connect with us on our business page, we look forward to partnering with you.

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