How to Optimize Retail and Commercial Logistics with Flex Deliveries

If you are a retailer, shipper, or transportation company you probably face this problem– transporting off route products, large items, or single pallets drives up costs fast. The last thing your logistics program needs is shipping tons of air between your stores, warehouses, or to your customers. Unfortunately, the solutions to this problem aren’t so simple.

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Shipping and transporting trucks that aren’t full should be your last resort, not a common practice in your supply chain strategy. Save yourself from high overhead costs by implementing a well-developed load optimization plan for your small deliveries. Stop moving air and start optimizing your logistics with small load delivery solutions.

An A+ load optimization plan should do a few things:

While automation and software are great ways to solve big problems with your transportation plan, they often don’t offer practical, fast solutions for your small load or single pallet moves. This is exactly what Bungii does. We are a tech enabled platform that connects supply and demand. We work hard to understand your business and fill in the gaps so load optimization and delivery are made simple.

Traditional LTL vs. Flex Delivery

Logistics disruptors like Amazon are changing consumer expectations for faster and same day delivery services. No longer are people willing, or able, to wait several days for their purchases. Relying on a same-day delivery platform, like Bungii, can help your business remain competitive and  modernize your supply chain process. Bungii has helped businesses such as big box retailers, major flooring retailers, and national chains to support delivery and transportation needs 7 days a week, 365 days a year.

An example of how we’ve recently helped a major flooring retailer save on shipping costs is by delivering multiple thousand pound pallets catering to their schedule the very next day. A local LTL company quoted them a price 60% higher than Bungii’s price to move their shipments, and do it on the retailer’s timeline. No confusing pricing, no 7-14 day wait, and no delivery windows that you have to work around. Our flex delivery gives you complete control with a nimble, quick, and reliable virtual fleet. We will cater to your business and budget in the same way.

Bungii brings a game changing solution to your logistics challenges by providing a virtual fleet at your fingertips. Equip your team with a modern, reliable and cost effective supply chain and logistics solution. Bungii can be up and running with your business within 24 hours, working directly with the store or district managers, logistics, last mile or procurement teams providing same-day delivery services.


Confusing, variable pricing with many ancillary charges and additional fees.

Standard delivery speed: 7-14 days out.

4-hour delivery windows provided.

Deliveries and customer support only available on business days.


Guaranteed pricing set ahead of time with no ancillary charges or additional fees.

Standard Bungii delivery speed: 2 hours.

Specific time, down to the minute, that our delivery driver will arrive.

Delivery capability and customer service availability 7 days/week.

Here are a few real world examples of how Bungii is solving problems for businesses in retail or commercial settings:

Leverage your greatest competitive advantage with Bungii. We build a supply chain and transportation solution around your business. Need help on the weekends, transport on short notice? Let us show you how a virtual fleet available 7 days a week can transform how you do business. From scheduled warehouse deliveries to same-day delivery options for your customers, let our virtual fleet fill in the gaps of traditional load optimization.


“Bungii is helping companies think differently about their chain-wide delivery network and process. For shipments 5,000 lbs or less, the quick and nimble Bungii driver is a better solution in terms of turnaround time, cost, and efficiency.”

From scheduled deliveries to same-day delivery options for your business, let our virtual fleet fill in the gaps of traditional load optimization. Contact our team today to learn more about a custom, fast and flexible same-day delivery solution.

Bungii Is The Leader in Same Day Delivery

Bungii is a big and bulky, last mile service that unlocks on-demand delivery capabilities to drive incremental sales and increase customer satisfaction. Our tech-enabled platform is an extension of our partners logistics network for large item, same-day delivery. Our advanced algorithms and unparalleled commitment to driver excellence delivers a true on-demand experience that leads the industry.

Our platform can provide a custom, white label experience that your customers will love. We have enabled same-day delivery for top brands nationwide and are actively seeking industry-leading companies that will benefit from an enhanced delivery experience. Learn how Bungii helped a national retailer boost their sales by over 20% and supercharge your own supply chain in three easy steps:

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  2. Connect with our business partnership team so we can better understand your needs and answer any questions.
  3. From there, our team will build a custom solution, catered to your business. This features flexible pricing, real-time delivery tracking, a tailored analytics dashboard and a dedicated support team, available seven days a week. On average, going live takes less than a week.  

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