How to Use Same Day Delivery to Increase Your Sales

One Area You're Probably Losing Customers

Two words that will horrify any customer at any store: “delivery window”. Even typing that out sent a shiver down our spine. The delivery window can set you back and disrupt your entire day. Is it coming today between 8-12? Thursday between 1-5? Sometime this decade?!  It’s flat out an outdated system and can convince your customers to bail on a big purchase.

Inconvenient dropoff times aren’t the only issues with traditional delivery. High prices, poor tracking, and limited options for delivery can stop customers in their tracks. According to a study by Invesp, 56% of consumers expect a same-day delivery option and 61% are willing to pay more for same-day delivery. Another survey by PwC found 24% said they would pay more to receive items within two hours. These surveys show traditional delivery no longer meets the expectations of customers and can cause unnecessary friction during the buying process.

Category Traditional Delivery Bungii
Pricing $100+ delivery fees for a bookshelf Delivery prices on average cost $50
Scheduling Delivery windows available at inconvenient times Customers get to set their own time
Tracking Customers can't track orders easily and can't get in touch with customer support quickly Real-time tracking and industry leading customer support available on all deliveries
Customization Limited delivery add-ons (i.e., room of choice delivery, large-item assembly, packaging remove, etc.) Customers set their own unique instructions for delivery when requesting a Bungii

The leading retailers are rethinking and innovating delivery into an integrated part of their customer’s buying process. These pioneers are earning loyal customers and boosting their sales. If you aren’t rethinking your processes your customers will notice and take their business elsewhere.

Retailers are Reducing Buying Friction for Their Customers

Customer expectations for delivery are changing, logistic disruptors and leading retailers like Amazon and Walmart are making it easier for customers to buy the items they want and get it the same day. Today, consumers expect a frictionless buying experience with fewer clicks and faster shipping options. So how can you mimic the ease of buying products from giant retailers like Amazon without their sprawling infrastructure?

Innovators like Mattress By Appointment Franchisee Kenya Porter have solved this problem. Before Bungii, Kenya’s store was losing sales because she could not offer consistent same-day delivery options. With Bungii, her customers have a professional, simple, and reliable same-day delivery option that sets her business apart and has increased her sales by more than 20%.

Bungii helps Kenya and her business stand out from the competition because “Bungii lets me focus on running my business instead of managing deliveries.”

Get Started with Bungii This Week

Bungii is the answer for businesses, large and small, looking for a same-day delivery partner. We are a tech enabled same-day delivery service that integrates with your business to provide flexible and low cost last-mile delivery. Using our virtual fleet will change buying habits in your store by offering an easy-to-use service your customers will love.

Whether you are a small business owner, owner of a franchised store, or manager of a large retail location you can use Bungii in a myriad of ways.

  1. Industry leading same-day delivery- Unlock same-day delivery for your customers via the Bungii app. By integrating retail with our delivery offerings, retailers across the country are starting to beat Amazon at their own game. Tell your customers to download the app and they can get same-day delivery in your store today.
  2. Same-day delivery integrated with your supply chain- Our Bungii Business Team will work with you to analyze your current logistics network and delivery process to cater to your specific needs. Customer delivery, store-to-store transfers, customer returns and more are available to support you and your delivery needs.
  3. Enterprise same-day delivery services- If your supply chain needs enterprise-wide solutions, our team can change how you do business at a corporate level. Within one week, we will reduce delivery costs, boost your plan for reverse logistics, take charge of your off-route delivery management, and bring clear delivery data tracking so you can spot purchasing trends.

Same-day delivery is a game changer for retail businesses trying to appease growing customer demand for products on-demand. Satisfy your customers and differentiate your business with the Bungii Same-Day Virtual Fleet service. Our seamless integration with your business means you can be up and running in as little as 24 hours. Contact our team to see how we can help.

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Bungii Is The Leader in Same-Day Delivery

Bungii is a big and bulky, last mile service that unlocks on-demand delivery capabilities to drive incremental sales and increase customer satisfaction. Our tech-enabled platform is an extension of our partners logistics network for large item, same-day delivery. Our advanced algorithms and unparalleled commitment to driver excellence delivers a true on-demand experience that leads the industry.

Our platform can provide a custom, white label experience that your customers will love. We have enabled same-day delivery for top brands nationwide and are actively seeking industry-leading companies that will benefit from an enhanced delivery experience. Learn how Bungii helped a national retailer boost their sales by over 20% and supercharge your own supply chain in three easy steps:

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  2. Connect with our business partnership team so we can better understand your needs and answer any questions.
  3. From there, our team will build a custom solution, catered to your business. This features flexible pricing, real-time delivery tracking, a tailored analytics dashboard and a dedicated support team, available seven days a week. On average, going live takes less than a week.  

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