Last Mile Delivery in an eCommerce Era

The importance of an efficient last mile eCommerce delivery solution can’t be overstated. Because of changing consumer habits, delivery costs and expectations have shifted radically in the last 10 years: 

• 55% of consumers said offering a 2-hour delivery option would increase their brand loyalty. ¹

• 73% of consumers believe a convenient and accurate time of arrival is more important than fast delivery. ¹ 

• 63% of shoppers abandoned shopping carts because of high shipping costs.²

The demand for last mile delivery from consumers has caused prices to spike and efficiency for traditional delivery to plummet. Retailers are left with headaches trying to remain organized and economical. Top retailers in the eCommerce space are trying to innovate solutions for their last mile delivery challenges. Whoever figures this out will ultimately win. Don’t wait for the pressure of last mile delivery to grow on you, now is the time to find a customer-first solution to drive your delivery service forward. The future of last mile delivery is being decided right now.

The Next 5 Years of Last Mile Delivery

Last mile delivery costs make up 53% of total shipping costs, and this percentage will only climb as the last mile industry is projected to boom over the next 5 years. The last mile delivery market is around $30 billion annually, and by the end of 2025 the market is projected to nearly double that, reaching $55 billion.

So what do those numbers mean? Consumer’s reliance on affordable last mile services is here to stay and businesses are falling behind in finding cost-efficient and timely solutions to keep up with demand. Companies who don’t evolve their last mile offering could see profits decline by 26% over the next 2 years, according to a recent study. ³

These statistics are signs that a strong last mile delivery solution is necessary to compete in our modern retail marketplace – it’s not a temporary trend.

How Bungii is Changing Last MIle Delivery

Last mile delivery is growing in demand because of growing consumer dependence on flexible, affordable and fast delivery. Offering delivery that goes above and beyond is no longer a luxury service, it’s a requirement to compete in both today’s marketplace and the next 5 years. You may be asking yourself, “How do I compete with the big box retailers like Amazon and Walmart?” 

The answer is Bungii, a leading nationwide provider of last mile delivery services. Our service is a unique, end-to-end solution that seamlessly integrates with your existing platform to provide real-time delivery status, rich customer analytics and delivery insights. With Bungii, you no longer have to worry about long delivery windows and frustrated customers. Our Bungii Business Intelligence platform provides insights and deliveries within an hour so your customers are happier and your life is easier.

We’ve activated same-day delivery for top brands nationwide, bringing an enhanced delivery experience to industry-leading companies. Learn how Bungii collaborated with a national retailer and boost their sales by over 20% and supercharge your own logistics network in three easy steps:

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