Your local, large item delivery provider. We’re great for:

  • Items that fit in 1 or 2 pickup trucks
  • Items weighing up to 250lbs
  • Delivery within 150 miles

Book your Rasmus delivery in 3 easy steps:

1. Double check that your delivery fits within Bungii’s capabilities.

  • The item(s) fit in 1 or 2 pickup trucks
  • The item(s) weigh less than 250lbs each
  • Your delivery is within 150 miles of the pickup location

2. Once you receive your paid invoice from Rasmus Auctions, open the invoice and click on the green embedded link to schedule your Bungii movers auction pick up time.

  • You are required to provide Rasmus Auctions with a copy of your credit card (last 4 digits) and identification. This can either be emailed to Rasmus via their chat and/or provided to your Bungii driver.

3. Schedule your pickup through the Bungii Portal.

  • Click “Schedule Delivery” button below
  • Enter delivery details and book your delivery
  • Please make sure to schedule appointments for BOTH Rasmus AND Bungii.

4. Please make sure to provide your Bungii driver with your auction invoice so they are prepared for the auction pick up.

Boom! Delivery Made Simple.