Bungii Driver Referral Information





Invite Friends

Invite great drivers like you to sign up for Bungii. We'll pay you for every driver you refer. 


Track Progress

Encourage your invitees to move through the process. Be sure to have them update you on the status and notify you when they are done! 


Get Paid

Once your invitee completes the required number of deliveries*, your earnings will be deposited directly in your bank account.

*The required number of deliveries and referral amount vary by city. You can find referral details for your city on your driver referral page. 

what should i tell my friends?

Most drivers say something along the lines of the example below. Feel free to copy and paste it to send to friends or post on social media. 

Have you heard of this new side hustle called Bungii? I drive for them and make ~ $45 an hour, work when I want and best of all, I’m my own boss!  They’re growing like crazy and looking to hire, you should check it out. Learn more and apply here: bungii.com/drive



Most of our top-paid drivers leverage their social media accounts and post about this on a regular basis. You'll probably be surprised how many people will see and respond to your posts!


If you are a full-time Bungii driver or even someone that just does it as a side gig, set up a blog or a Youtube channel to document your journey to success. By showing and teaching people how to earn income through Bungii, you will stack up plenty of qualified viewers who have a genuine interest in trying their hand at driving for Bungii and other side gigs.

gently remind

The most successful drivers go the extra mile to help their invitees get started. Sometimes, invitees can move slow, or never complete the application process. When they have someone to help them out, they’re more likely to complete the process and get you paid.


Nope! Refer as many great drivers as you'd like - we'll pay for for each and every one. 

You have a referral code that is unique to you, which can be found on the referral page in your app. Have your friend enter that code when signing up and we'll know you sent them. Having them sign up via your sharing link will also tie their application to you so we know who to pay.

The number of completed deliveries and referral amount vary by city. You can find referral details for your city on your driver referral page. 

A completed delivery means the driver accept a delivery, completes the full pick up, drop off, along with referencing your referral code in their initial application.

In order to be eligible, they must have a completed and approved application. A completed application means your invitee submits a valid driver application in its entirety. As long as they don't skip over the basis, like entering their basic information and submitting photos of their truck, they should be good to go! 

If you need to brush up, you can review our driver requirements here. 

First Delivery

A first delivery is your invitee's first delivery with Bungii eligible cities. (See the question below for a list of eligible cities). The driver must accept a delivery, complete the full pick up, drop off, along with acknowledging you in their initial application.

Eligible cities include the cities that Bungii is operating in. A list of cities can be found on our cities page

We also serve the surrounding metros areas in most of these cities. 

The Fun Legal stuff

  1. Participation in this promotion is subject to Bungii’s Terms of Service.
  2. Driver eligibility and approval is determined at the sole discretion of Bungii and isn’t guaranteed.
  3. The duration of the application review process may vary.
  4. If a referred applicant has an existing application, they’re only eligible for the referral amount, if any, associated with that original application. They aren’t eligible for any other referral amount. This prior referral promotion may have expired, in which case the applicant won’t be eligible for a referral bonus.
  5. This promotion runs for a limited time only. Terms and bonus amounts are subject to change.
  6. We may share information concerning a referred applicant’s eligibility, progress, or qualification for a referral bonus with the referring driver.
  7. Drivers cannot earn referral bonuses for referring themselves.