Top 5 tips you can use to save money.

We understand you work hard for your money and we’re passionate about keeping it in your pockets. Here are the top 5 tips & tools you can use to save:

1. Promo codes: Bungii partners with all different types of stores and businesses. A great way to snag a code is asking a store associate if they have any Bungii discount codes. Or just enter coupon code: ‘LANDING5‘ into the Promos page of the app for $5 off. (You’re welcome!) 

2. Referral codes: You get these by referring a friend or a family member to Bungii. In the Bungii app, we’ve made it easy for you to text, email, and post about Bungii on your social media.

3. Curb to curb: Another great way for you to save money is to have your items waiting outside. This greatly reduces loading and unloading time which saves you money. 

4. Avoid rush hour: A lot of customers take a second to make sure traffic is light before requesting a Bungii. This helps to avoid any unwanted hold ups.

5. Find an extra hand: Many hands make work light, especially when it comes to trips with multiple items. It may be tough to pull your high schooler, Jimmy, away from Call of Duty but we’ve found some extra help tends to lighten the load for everyone.

Are you using Bungii to get your purchases home from a store? Click here to find out how to make that process as smooth as possible.