Local Delivery Made Simple


...For Delivery

Got a big purchase and need a helping hand?  Bungii gives you that extra little bit of muscle and transportation to get your stuff where it needs to go.

  • Store Delivery

    It happens all the time: you somehow ended up with 4x the amount on your shopping list at Sam's Club (or Costco). Or maybe that bunk bed you just bought at IKEA for the twins doesn't actually fit in your trunk. What if Nebraska Furniture Mart's delivery is backed up two weeks and your party is this weekend? No worries, with Bungii your party is still on... and the twins are sleeping in their new bunk bed tonight.

  • Craigslist Pickup

    It's a miracle: you just found the perfect piece of furniture for the perfect price on Craigslist. But the dreaded "FCFS" is on the listing and you have no way to get it home. Oh wait, yes you do. #TeamBungii

  • Large Item Delivery

    Now you can use "bulky, oversized item" and "instant, on-demand delivery" in the same sentence.

...For Moving

Sometimes you don’t want or need to rent a giant Uhaul.  Sometimes your friends have had enough moving-day pizza.  If you need an extra hand to get your stuff moved, easily and economically, Bungii can help.

  • Small Apartment/College Moving

    We'll gladly help you transport your big stuff that doesn't fit in your car. Fortunately for you, dressers, beds, futons, and 86'' flat screen TVs don't stand a chance against us.

  • Garage/Moving Sale Help

    Need help delivering a 10ft inflatable gorilla to a covert location in the next hour? Abso-freakin'-lutely, my friend.

  • Appliance Transportation

    Our drivers are strong, but they aren't Superman. If you can provide extra loading help (or a dolly!) then you're right in our wheelhouse.

...For Everything else

Sometimes you have more than one piece to move, and we can help there too.  Whether its buying stuff, moving stuff, removing stuff, Bungii has got you covered.

  • Storage Unit Hauling

    Need help moving those last few oversized items to (or from) your storage unit? That's our speciality and yes, we're confident your massive sofa will fit in our trucks.

  • Estate Sale Hauling

    Big stuff + small cars + estate sales = problems. Yes, your husband may find a way to hog-tie that credenza to your Corolla's roof, but if he's not an Eagle Scout, we probably wouldn't recommend it.

  • Junk Removal Services

    We get it: junk piles up in your garage and your son just told you that your all-in-one-TV-console/stereo/bookcase is a liiiitle outdated. No big deal, you're a few taps away from making it all instantly disappear.

  • Donation Drop Off

    Filling the Salvation Army, Good Will or local homeless shelter just got easier. Who knew how good it feels to give?

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"Fantastic! It’s like Uber but for pickup trucks to help move stuff across town. Bye-bye renting UHaul pickups."
Ciara H.