Whether your commercial business sells products in bulk, makes frequent supply runs, or covers another business to business need, same day delivery give you new levels of flexibility.

What can Same Day Delivery Look Like for Commercial Business?

Same day delivery has changed consumers expectations when they shop online or at their favorite stores, especially when it comes to big & bulky items. No one wants to wait weeks for their new couch or replacement refrigerator. Delivery convenience is as important as the item itself.

You may be asking, how is that connected to same day delivery for commercial use? Since expectations for delivery speed have been raised sharply in the last five years on the retail side, both individuals and businesses expect a similar speed and convenience for their commercial purchases.

If it only takes one day for a new big-screen TV to get from a store to your home, why can’t supplies that your customers need to keep their businesses running be delivered just as fast?

Bungii’s flexible platform is adding capacity and same day delivery to commercial logistics plans.

Standard logistics procedure means filling up a 53-foot trailer at a distribution center, sending it to a final mile warehouse, unloading and reloading items into a smaller box truck, and then delivering it to a store or its final drop off site.


If there is an issue that arises during any one of these steps, time, paperwork, and headaches are added. Manual work correcting errors wind up putting everyone behind schedule without an easy, quick fix in the traditional supply chain.


Whether your commercial business sells product in bulk, makes frequent supply runs, or covers another business to business need, same day delivery gives you new levels of flexibility by:

Eliminating inconsistent delivery schedules.

Lowering costs for last mile delivery.

Improving reverse logistics process for returns.

Managing off route and special deliveries easier.

Enabling same day delivery for low capacity, large pallet item moves.

Having a reliable and flexible delivery service like Bungii can help you avoid taking employees away from their main focus, simplify how you move materials from point A to point B, and save you money with every load.

 Less time + Simple Process = Money Savings

Who needs Last Mile, Same Day Delivery?

For construction companies, the need to wait for materials to arrive at the job site is time and money being wasted because of inefficient and inconvenient delivery options. Pulling employees off the job site to run errands should be a last resort rather than a common practice.

Bungii can do more than just supply runs for construction companies, we support commercial businesses, distributors, and wholesalers as well. Here are a few more examples of commercial businesses we can help with last mile, same day delivery:


  • LTL carrier
  • Local hot shot; exclusive use
  • 3PL providers with low capacity load deliveries
  • Distributors needing a limited access delivery partner
  • Medical supply distribution

Supplier: Industrial, Building & Construction

  • Electric & lighting
  • Equipment rental
  • Maintenance, repair, overhaul (MRO)
  • Construction
  • Industrial
  • Supply runs for HVAC, project managers, and contractors

Wholesaler, Multi-location Stores

  • Multi-location business/store
  • Automotive parts & repair
  • Non-perishable food supplies
  • Store to store transfers

Free Delivery Analysis for Your Commercial Business

Still not sure how we can help your commercial business? Our team of experts is ready to work with you to find the right delivery solutions for your business. Our flexible delivery platform allows us to build around your current supply chain and strengthen it in the areas where you can benefit the most.

We’ve helped national suppliers save 40% on reverse logistics orders, improve partners NPS scores, and enhanced service levels that go beyond curbside delivery. Our custom delivery options add value to our partner’s offering and delight their customers. We’re ready to do the same for you and your customers too. Connect with our business team and let build a delivery service that’s right for you.

How to Optimize Your Same Day Delivery Strategy

Finding ways to boost your current delivery options can be overwhelming, but a good place to start is by researching what leaders in your industry are doing. Understanding what works for them will give you an idea of what you are missing and how to optimize. We did the research and put together the best practices and top industry standards, which can be found in our Delivery Optimization article.

Once you have some ideas of what can be improved, it’s time to find a delivery partner that can address your pain points effectively. This could be a partner that provides additional software to organize your delivery schedule, a traditional delivery fleet, or a partner like Bungii that combines a virtual fleet of delivery professionals with a digital platform that keeps your delivery tracking organized. How can we simplify? Quote, Schedule, Track & Delivery is Done!


Same day delivery for commercial business is game-changing service that simplifies big & bulky item delivery for businesses that need industrial supplies, material, or any large item hauls delivered fast. Finding ways to improve your current delivery system is a great way to maintain a competitive edge in your marketplace and save money in the process. Bungii has innovative solutions to help commercial businesses of any size with their same day, last mile delivery challenges. No matter how you manage your last mile delivery needs, Bungii can add value and support to your team. Contact us today for a free consultation!

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