Hyperlocal delivery

What is Hyperlocal Delivery?

Hyperlocal delivery is a developing industry that has exploded in the last few years. The growth is due to the demand for a reliable on-demand delivery option. So what is hyperlocal delivery? Hyperlocal delivery is defined as a delivery system that serves a very specific area and demographic. Unlike long haul freight and delivery, hyperlocal delivery focuses on delivering products in one city or one section of a city.

Examples of hyper local delivery includes apps and services like Bungii, Postmates, and Instacart. All three services are app based and rely on gig economy workers to enhance traditional business offerings. If you need someone to shop for you at your local grocery, want delivery from your favorite independent restaurant, or need large items delivered from your across town furniture store, these types of delivery companies will make it happen.


How Hyperlocal Delivery Works

Hyperlocal delivery works by utilizing technology to connect businesses and individuals who need delivery to qualified local gig economy workers. 

The reason hyperlocal delivery works is because the benefits help local small businesses combat the growing popularity of eCommerce. 

Each delivery company is different, but you can expect most to remain simple and easy to use. Customers and businesses expect simplicity. The best hyperlocal delivery companies recognize this and implement easy to use systems for their customers.

Bungii is a great example of a company implementing easy to use systems. Bungii on-boards local pickup truck owners who pass a background training, own a vehicle that passes safety standards, and who complete Bungii specific training. Once all on-boarding information has been approved, active drivers are able to accept delivery requests from users and business partners that require large item delivery in the area.

On the consumer side of Bungii, requesting a local delivery for big & bulky items is simple: Enter in your delivery information in the Bungii app, snap a photo of the items you need delivered, and leave a note in the written details section is all you need to do to request on-demand delivery or schedule a Bungii in advance.

Hyperlocal Logistics

Why should introducing on-demand local delivery options be important to businesses?

  • Integration is easy and takes little overhead costs.
  • Provides needed efficiencies for last mile delivery.
  • Increases transparency for customers.
  • Surrounds existing products with a convenient service.
  • Boosts sales and grows customer loyalty.

In order to stay competitive with eCommerce retailers, having a solid strategy addressing consumer delivery expectations should be a priority for small businesses and franchises. Supply chain logistics is an area nearly every business can improve. Implementing hyperlocal delivery is a low risk way to enhance product offerings and move more inventory.

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