Businesses of all sizes rely on last mile delivery to move, haul, and deliver their products. Bungii’s mission is to support businesses  and optimize their last mile delivery in Tampa.


“Last mile delivery” is a supply chain term that covers a wide range of logistic services across many industries. It refers to items being hauled or delivered from any location to it’s final destination. Last mile delivery in Tampa is constantly happening at small businesses, large retailers, industrial companies, and more. Although last mile delivery is an everyday occurrence, it still remains the most expensive step in the supply chain. Delivering items into customer’s hands efficiently and easily is a major focus for businesses or sellers.

Tampa is home to the worlds longest sidewalk. The sidewalk along Bayshore Boulevard runs continuously for 4.5 miles. We’ve got a feeling we can’t haul anything quite that long, but if you have a delivery that can fit in a pickup truck, Bungii is your best option.

Businesses of all sizes are using Bungii for flexible, reliable delivery.

Last Mile Delivery

Who is Using Bungii in Tampa?

We’ve completed Bungii deliveries from all types of businesses in the Tampa Bay area. Customers of businesses like Miracle Furniture, Tampa Furniture Outlet and more can use Bungii for their last mile delivery needs. Bungii is reliable, easy to use, and completes deliveries in under two hours. Our flexible platform is able to fit the needs of any business, whether they are selling furniture, moving pallets, or simplifying their customer returns process. Bungii has optimized delivery in Tampa and will continue to do so for more businesses across the Tampa Bay area.

How to Use Bungii in Tampa

Last mile delivery in Tampa will always be important for business across the city. Everyone from established retailers, growing small businesses, and large industrial companies need product moved, hauled, and delivered at a competitive price. Bungii offers that with an innovative platform that gives businesses and individuals the ability to deliver big & bulky items when they need it most. Unlocking Bungii’s virtual fleet for your delivery is the best option for Tampa delivery.

Optimization is key to defining your plan for new delivery solutions.

Last Mile Delivery

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