What Is Business to Business Logistics?

Business to business logistics, commonly referred to as B2B logistics, is a crucial part of the supply chain puzzle. The ability to move products efficiently and manage inventory will ultimately improve your customer’s experience and improve sales numbers. So what is exactly? Here is how we’ll cover it:

  1. Defining business to business logistics
  2. Why is B2B important?
  3. Review your logistics plan
  4. How Bungii can help

Defining Business to Business Logistics

Business to Business refers to any business or company that sells products/services directly to other businesses. How a company delivers their product or provides the service is where the logistics portion comes into play. 

Another example of B2B is if a franchise has multiple locations and needs to send some of their inventory to another location. Retailers like Big Lots or Mattress Firm often move items between stores and share inventory. Sharing inventory facilitate sales and keep a balance between store locations.

Why is B2B important?

B2B logistics is important to implement for two major reasons:

1.It improves customer experience. 

2- It gives a competitive advantage.

Having an efficient B2B plan in place ultimately improves your customer’s experience. Let’s use Big Lots as an example. If a customer walks into Big Lots and expects to purchase leather sofa, but the store is out of stock on that model, Big Lots still can make the sale and guarantee the sofa the customer wants will be in stock the very next day. 

They can guarantee that because of a rock solid B2B plan in place. Instead of sending the customer to a different Big Lots location, they can complete a same day or next day delivery with a store to store transfer. This gives them a big competitive advantage over other stores that require up to a week to get the sofa in-store.

What Is Business to Business logistics?

Review Your B2B Logistics Plan

It can be daunting to implement a new logistics plan, but remember that a strong B2B plan can grow your business and open up more sales opportunities.

There’s a growing number of third party companies that specialize in improving B2B logistics and deliveries. If you think your company is falling behind, research solutions in your area so your business can improve your logistics flow and continue performing at a high level.

How Bungii Can Help

Bungii is a great B2B logistics solution that’s helping retailers optimize their b2b, b2c, and reverse logistics processes. We provide same day delivery options, top rated customer support, and delivery tracking capabilities to help find trends in your business. Bungii is a perfect fit for small businesses, franchised retailers, and anything in between. Visit our business support and logistics page to find out more on how Bungii can help.