What is Off Route Delivery?

If you’re struggling to find a reliable plan for your off route deliveries, you are not alone. Off route delivery needs affect shipping and logistics providers across the commercial and retail spectrum. Large retail and commercial businesses are familiar with moving large fleet trucks and large loads consistently from location-to-location. A frequent challenge is with small load, big and bulky moves of 1-3 pallets that have to make it to a certain destination in a timely manner. 

Traditional delivery logistics haven’t developed a solution for the flexibility off route deliveries require.

Logistics managers and store directors solve one-off delivery needs with traditional less-than-truckload (LTL) service providers. However, their ability to work with and around their clients’ schedule is limited. This causes constant friction with delivery schedules and leaves products on the loading dock longer than they should. What’s the solution then?

Bungii Solves Off Route Deliveries

Bungii is the solution. We’re bringing sanity to the current chaos of last mile logistics and off route delivery routing. We’re at a point where retailers and business partners are now telling us that they can’t imagine doing business without us. For them, it’s not a nice to have, it’s a need to have – it’s become a key part of their offering.

We’ve really made it simple by combining multiple things together:

    • A robust technology platform

    • Community of certified Bungii drivers

    • Marketplace demand, both consumers and business partners

    • Industry knowledge and operational excellence

    Include Bungii In Your supply Chain

    Bungii’s tech enabled platform provides commercial and retail shipping professionals an end-to-end solution for their small load, big and bulky shipping needs. The Bungii off-route delivery and LTL delivery service give you a major advantage in three key areas:

    1. Schedule and see your shipments in real-time: The intuitive Bungii Client portal provides real-time access to the status of your deliveries, estimated time of arrival and integrates with your existing system for seamless functionality.
    2. Customer support 7 days a week: struggling with a specific load request or need custom support? Our team is available to help with your routing and logistics needs when you need us.
    3. Extension of your supply chain: Bungii is an extension of your existing supply chain and logistics network. We can flex and adapt to your needs with no capital expenditure investment on your part. Our turn-key solution can launch in as little as 2 weeks.

    Your off-route delivery needs are solved with the Bungii Business Partner platform. Our platform supports routing and logistics for some of the largest companies in the U.S. Whether you are a retailer needing to move a small pallet from one store to another, a commercial business that has to get materials to a job site same day, or a retailer that needs help overhauling your reverse logistics strategy, your specific logistics needs are easily met with a customized plan tailored to your business’ unique challenges.