Why Tracking and Visibility are Just as Important as Speed in Last Mile Delivery

Delivery in the last mile and transporting items for customers to their homes is key to standing out in today’s highly competitive eCommerce field. With lots of delivery options, customers are more likely to pick the option that’s faster and simpler to track. Those two features combine for outstanding customer service and solidify customer loyalty.

How are businesses standing out and implementing transparency for their customers? They are investing in technology that allows accurate tracking and easy-to-use visibility tools that customers value. Consumers aren’t satisfied with their purchases appearing on their doorstep out of thin air. They want to know precisely where their purchase is at each stage of delivery. Tracking is so important that according to Digital Commerce 360:

  • 93% of consumers want to know where their item is during each step of the delivery process.
  • 47% of consumers won’t order from a business with poor delivery visibility.
  • 98% said delivery is a major factor in their brand loyalty.
  • 44% felt that businesses are not creating positive delivery experiences.¹

Those numbers represent a lot of customers walking through your doors or ordering from your online store, and are proof retailers have more work to do when it comes to delivery transparency. Large item delivery, like furniture, appliances, and TVs are no exception and often have little visibility for eager customers who need these items. Your competition is probably not providing enough insight to consumers, so take advantage of their missed opportunity. Stand out with a last mile delivery service for your large, big & bulky items that features cutting edge transparency and tracking.

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Balancing Speed and Visibility with Bungii

Consumers are clear on what they want: transparency from the time they pay to the time their purchase arrives. Adding in systems and software to do this takes capital, time, and updates to your current customer service strategy.

All of this has to be done on a budget without sacrificing speed or timeliness. Many businesses are asking how they can do all of this on a limited budget and timeline. So how can it be done?

Bungii is a same day delivery partner specifically designed to deliver large items faster with better transparency than traditional last mile partners. This is done by combining a proprietary digital platform with a virtual fleet of delivery professionals capable of moving large items same day, often within 2 hours. Bungii leads the same day delivery industry with a Net Promoter score of 87, meaning our service is highly rated by our customers and retailers

With our digital platform, businesses and their customers can see exactly where their items are in the delivery cycle, expected delivery times and have dedicated support and communication every step of the way.

Tracking and Visibility Portal
Bungii Partner Delivery Portal

Bungii is the Leader in Same Day Delivery

Bungii is a big and bulky, last mile service that unlocks on demand delivery capabilities to drive incremental sales and increase customer satisfaction. Our tech-enabled platform is an extension of our partner’s logistics network for large item, same day delivery. With a commitment to transparency and driver excellence, we deliver an on demand experience that leads the industry.

Our platform can provide a custom, white label service that your customers will love. We have enabled same day delivery for top brands nationwide and are actively seeking industry-leading companies that will benefit from an enhanced delivery experience. Learn how Bungii helped a national retailer boost their sales by over 20% and supercharge your own supply chain in three easy steps:

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  2. Connect with our business partnership team so we can better understand your needs and answer any questions.
  3. From there, our team will build a custom solution, catered to your business. This features flexible pricing, real-time delivery tracking, a tailored analytics dashboard and a dedicated support team, available seven days a week. On average, going live takes less than a week. 

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