Best Estate Sale Companies In Columbus

Whether you’re searching for someone who can help you host an estate sale, or are looking to shop through a few estate sales, we’re compiling the best estate sale companies in Columbus.

If you aren’t sure what an estate sale is, let’s cover the basics first.

What is an estate sale?

Before we highlight some of the top estate sale companies, let’s review what an estate sale is. An estate is a sale or auction used to remarket large amounts of items quickly. Common reasons to host an estate sale include:

  • Sell personal items of someone recently deceased
  • Divorce
  • Foreclosure
  • Downsizing to prepare for relocation

This is where estate sale companies come in. They will help appraise, organize, and operate a sale at the estate. The sale varies in length, but most estate sales last for 2-4 days. If you want more info on how estate sale companies work, check out our previous post. 

If you are searching for estate sales to shop at, we suggest looking up sales in your area on They have the most listings for current and upcoming sales in the nation. 

Now let’s get to our list of Best estate sales in Columbus.

Top Estate Sale Companies

Turning Point Estate Sales


Turning Point Estate Sales guarantees their team will be professional, authentic, and transparent while representing both sellers and buyers. They want everyone involved in their sales to walk away with a win.

They customize each sale to fit the needs of the estate. Customizing sales includes Organizing, researching, staging, and advertising each sale. At the end of the sale, they provide an itemized sale summary for the estate’s records.

Contact them today for a free consultation.

Everything But the House

Everything But the House is definitely the most unique sales company on our list. They are an online marketplace with their main warehouse located in Blue Ash, Ohio. Their online marketplace connects sellers and buyers who are looking to exchange antiques and uncommon things without hosting a full estate sale.

Founded in Ohio, EBTH believes they can change how estate sale shoppers and antique enthusiasts find one of a kind treasures. Checkout their website and start an account to begin shopping in just a few clicks.

Ohio's Estate Auctions


If you aren’t sure if an onsite estate sale or an online auction is best for your sale, contacting Ohio’s Estate Auctions can help you decide and host either one.

If you are hoping to sell an entire estate’s worth of items, they can appraise, host, and clean out your estate after your sale. They can also help with minimal downsizing by putting your antiques, collectibles or other items on their online auction site.

Their versatility and expertise in both onsite and online auctions make them a great choice.

Top Hat Auctions, Appraisals, & Sales


Top Hat Sales has a wide range of ways they can help you downsize your estate. They host storage unit auctions, estate sales, online auctions, and more.

Before you decide which style sale is right for you, Top Hat will appraise your estate and recommend the best sale option.

They are certified appraisers and licensed auctioneers in the state of Ohio. Their expertise in appraisals will ensure you will get a fair price for your estate or one off items.

J.A. Baker LLC


J.A. Baker Estate Sales has over 17 years of experience in appraising, and furniture/antiques. Their expertise in retail and sales makes every one of their estate sales professional fair.

The team at J.A. Baker plans, appraises inventory, organizes and stages, and advertises every sale. If there are any leftover items at the end of the sale, they will assist in finding a donation center who will accept the remaining items.

Call them today and find out how their skills can help with your estate’s needs.

Use Bungii Delivery

If you are hosting or shopping at an estate sale and you have to move big and bulky items, use Bungii to take care of it. Bungii is an app based delivery service that offers same day delivery in Columbus.

With affordable rates and certified drivers who will help haul big and bulky items, Bungii is the best delivery solution for the best estate sale companies in Columbus. Download the app today.