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What's Bungii?

Customer FAQ

Bungii is a mobile app that instantly helps move, haul and deliver your stuff across town by connecting you with a local driver and pickup truck. We’ve been compared to popular ride sharing apps but instead of moving people, we move people’s stuff.

Great question. We’d say somewhere right in the middle, think on-demand delivery for large items. We work well with Craigslist, wholesale warehouses (like Costco or Sam’s Club), people who need help with small moves, and furniture/retail stores. Essentially, we just want to be available for your next, “I need a truck” moment. Here’s our bread and butter.

We charge $1/min and $1/mile per driver with a $39 minimum. To get something across town it usually costs around $40. Time (and mileage) starts when your driver arrives at the pickup location and ends when your driver is done unloading at the drop off location. You will always receive an estimate before the trip in the app. We learned about pricing the hard way, find out what we mean by that here.

Bungii drivers are local members of your community that have been Bungii certified. They could be anyone from a military veteran to a college student to an off-duty firefighter or policeman. Safety and customer service are two attributes we pride ourselves on; learn how we keep you safe here.

All transactions take place in-app, which is why a credit or debit card is needed. We don’t store (or even see) any of your card information, it goes straight to BrainTree, a PayPal company that is PCI compliant and guarantees security.

Not a problem! You can request two drivers and two pickup trucks through the app. Learn how this may apply to you here.

Our drivers are strong, but they are not supermen. We focus on items that you and your driver can lift together and put in the back of a truck. In addition, we do not allow the transportation of anything hazardous, illegal or breathing. Believe it or not, some people don’t understand that; see the most absurd move requests here.

All of our Bungii drivers come equipped with at least four ratchet straps, two bungee cords, two blankets and a tarp to help secure and protect your item(s). For us, bungee cords played a crucial role beyond moving, see how.

Yes! Protecting your items is a big deal to us so we’ve made sure the right coverage is in place to provide you with complete peace of mind. We guarantee each load up to $2500.

We understand you work hard for your money and we’re passionate about keeping it in your pockets. Because of that, we’re always looking for ways where you can save. Find out about the top five tips & tools you can use to save here.

Absolutely! You can schedule deliveries in the Bungii app.

Sorry, our drivers are prohibited from transporting people. Our insurance only covers the items that are being delivered.

We’re good at getting your stuff across town when and where you need. So for now, we’re focusing on safely and efficiently transporting your item(s). That being said, we ask that your item(s) are ready to be moved when your driver arrives. Don’t worry, our drivers help out with the heavy lifting to keep you out of uncomfortable situations.

Yes! We strive to provide you with an instant, on demand service that is dependable and ready whenever and wherever you are. (Note: Android users, see the last FAQ question at the bottom.) So whether you’re at a big box store or smaller local one, we’re doing everything we can to provide a fast, easy & convenient way for you to get your purchases home. Tips for store pickups live here.

Yes! We realize how frustrating it can be to find the perfect piece of furniture on Craigslist or at a garage sale but have no way to get it home. We started Bungii with people just like you in mind; we’ll gladly be there for your it’s-just-too-perfect-to-pass-up moments. It’s almost like Bungii and Craigslist were made for each other. Learn why.

If you have any questions, concerns or issues please contact us immediately: Support@Bungii.com. We’ll do everything in our power to make it right. Learn why.

Our drivers move landscaping items like bagged dirt or concrete, planted trees and other items that are not loose. If you have a question if something can be moved like loose dirt or mulch, download the app, snap a photo and get an estimate. If a driver can transport your item(s) they’ll accept your trip. Contact our support team with any questions. We’re here to help.

Why Bungii?


Not only safe but way more convenient. Get your new couch in your living room easier than ever before.

Shopping Made Simple

In-store delivery can be expensive. Save time and money by getting your new, large items home when you want it.

Sleep Easy

Nap time doesn’t wait. Neither should you. Don’t let figuring out how to get your mattress home keep you up.


Donating just got easier. Let’s help those less fortunate by filling our local Goodwill stores together.

Hauling Away Junk

Unfortunately, your junk won’t leave on it’s own. Let us help you get it out of your hair.

Elderly Help

Give Grandma’s problem, that’s now your problem, to us. We’ll have those boxes in her garage gone in no time.