Best Used Furniture in Memphis- Where Should I Shop?

Cheap Furniture Memphis, TN

Memphis is full of consignment and used furniture stores with great selections of vintage and antique furniture. Check out some of our favorite stores for the best used furniture in Memphis and start searching for your next favorite treasure.

Not sure exactly what you are looking for? We jotted down our best tips for buying used furniture. Once you’ve got those down, you’re ready to hit some stores!

1. Bargain furniture Warehouse

Bargain Furniture Warehouse MUST be on your list when you are shopping for furniture and antiques. They are open from 10am to 5pm on Friday and Saturday, or you can book an appointment during off days.

They sell consignment furniture, lightly used designer brands, and antiques. If you have a specific piece you are looking for, Bargain Furniture will work with their vendors to help you find exactly what you are looking for.

Because they don’t have very much overhead, they are able to pass along great savings on all of their items onto the customer. If you can’t find what you are looking for on your first visit, that’s okay! They are constantly getting new arrivals that include dining sets, sectionals, bedroom sets, and kids furniture.

Best Used Furniture in Memphis
Via Bargain Furniture Warehouse

2. Habitat for Humanity ReStore

 The Memphis ReStore is constantly receiving new donations from the community and is a perfect place to shop for DIYers. You can find furniture, appliances, building materials, house wares, and more.

Not only can you find great deals on lightly used and vintage furniture, but your purchases also helps Habitat for Humanity reinvest in your community. Your purchase helps Habitat for Humanity’s mission of providing homes for everyone in the community. Their programs help families get back on their feet and give them a safe environment to live in.

See what deals you can come home with at their Winchester Road location.

Best Used Furniture in Memphis- Where Should I Shop
Via Habitat for Humanity ReStore

3. Blue City Thrift

Blue City Thrift has been operating since 2013 and has partnered with local organizations, charities, and ministries to help lightly used items find new homes. Proceeds from shopping at Blue City Thrift are given back to charities that gives back to the city of Memphis.

Not only are you shopping for good, local causes, but you can find some really great pieces at the store. The inventory at Blue City is always changing and includes antique furniture, great condition home decor, and other small treasures that could really tie your designs at home together.

Best Used Furniture in Memphis- Where Should I Shop
Via Blue City Thrift

4. hotel to Home

Gaslamp Antiques is Nashville’s largest antique mall between their two store locations. Their wide selection is unmatched and includes decor styles from Mid-century Modern, Art Deco, Hollywood Regency, and more.

Their knowledgeable staff and award winning customer service will help you walk out of their store with incredible finds. They believe a single antique piece of furniture can transform any home and they will do everything they can to help you find that piece for you.

With constantly changing merchandise, both of their store locations have new items every week. Keep an eye on their weekly blog and social media to see what pieces are highlighted, or stop in and check them out in person.

Best Used Furniture in Nashville
Via Hotel To Home

5. Wallpaper & Designer Home Consignments

Hotel to Home sells modern furniture that was surplus items or lightly used items from hotel chains. Established in 1967, Hotel Sales and Surplus has become a nationwide network for selling items designed for hotels and Hotel to Home works with them directly. The store location on Winchester Road has a wide variety of bedroom sets, tables and chairs, lighting options, and cabinets/dressers.

Best Used Furniture in Nashville
Via Hotel To Home

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