Bungii Christmas Letter 2019


Bungii was made up of 13 people spread across 4 cities. We had big plans for the new year and high hopes of growing substantially.

Spoiler alert: we kinda nailed it.

We are closing 2019 with a team of 31 full time employees and we’re operating in 9 cities. Hold on, let’s do some quick math here: okay, times 12 by 2 and carry the 1, drop the 9, put that over the square root of X and yeah. Just what we thought: 


You’re probably wondering, “how did they do it?”. Well you’re in luck, we’re gonna give a few insights into the wonderfully hectic year.

Lets start with our values

We walk into our office and on our wall is a reminder of who we are and who we want to become. Our mission and our goals keep driving us forward.

We’re curious, we’re customer obsessed, and we do the right thing. Our company’s identity is directly based off how we treat our customers and our drivers.  We strive for everyone to have a great experience when they come in contact with Bungii. And if something isn’t right, we do our very best to find ways to make it right.

Our team knows we are doing more than delivering a couch, or helping people clear out their storage units. We’re often a small part of someone’s major life change, and we want to make it as simple and enjoyable as possible.

Now lets talk about some stats.

250,000+: the number of people — drivers, customers and business partners — who will have benefited from Bungii’s platform. 

99%: the percentage of our drivers who have a 5 star rating.

243: the number of real-time metrics our platform captures to ensure that customers are getting a consistent, top notch experience.

100%+: the average annual growth rate per city.

351%: the increase in deliveries from partners vs 2018. 

9: The number of major metros that Bungii is currently serving. 

Here’s some more facts, But the fun kind.

We quoted the show The Office at a record pace. Keil got engaged. Kaylan got married. Ben was selected for the Forbes 30 Under 30 list. Ben also made the New Dads Under 30 List. Josh grew out his hair. We were nominated as Startland News’ #1 Startup to Watch. Harrison started a putting contest in the office:

Most of our revenue goes to the candy stash hidden in the filing cabinet. Everyone in our office is REALLY good at puns and corny jokes. We technically went international, Ashton is now working remotely in Spain. We are all extremely jealous. 

We tried to take a picture at our Christmas party with our remote teams on FaceTime and failed miserably (See the header picture for our sad attempt). Patrick Mahomes promised he would stop by the office in 2020. He might not know he promised yet, but we definitely think he did. 

We do work really really hard, but in-between the hard work we’re constantly laughing, debating the pronunciation of words, and coming up with new contests to run in the office. Dull moments aren’t allowed here.

Looking forward to 2020 is even more exciting. We have no plans to slow down and our growing team is ready for the challenge to double in size again. #TeamBungii is so grateful for our supportive investors, our hardworking drivers, our loyal customers and our fans across the globe. It’s been a great year and none of this would be possible without your support.

See ya next decade!

The Bungii Team