Bungii's Story

Who & When

On a hot Manhattan afternoon in 2014, Ben Jackson had four different friends ask if they could borrow his pickup to help haul stuff across town. Multiple truck loads later, being more worn out than his ’99 Ford Ranger, he laid in bed thinking, “there has to be a better way.”

The next day in class at K-State, Ben whispered his dilemma to Harrison Proffitt who nonchalantly replied, “Let’s start a business.” They walked out of that class with one concept in mind: tap a button, get a truck.

Bungii has come a long way since then and we look forward to being there for your next “I need a truck” moment

What & why

Bungii is your friend with a truck. It’s a mobile app that instantly connects you to a local driver and pickup truck to help move, haul & deliver your stuff across town. We’ve transported sofas, mattresses, furniture, boxes, ladders, wagon wheels, sleighs (don’t ask)- seemingly anything and everything.

It’s gotten to a point where local furniture stores have asked us to be their full time delivery service. It’s nuts. 

When it comes down to it, we realize how frustrating it can be when things don’t fit in your car. Whether you’re at IKEA, on Craigslist, shopping at an estate sale or moving Jimmy’s flat screen and futon into his dorm room, we want to make it easy to get your stuff where it needs to go. Our goal is to help simplify your life.   

Where & How

You can request a Bungii directly through our app. Based on the size of your item, the app will notify drivers in the area of your request, then route one directly to your location. Our drivers help load, unload and secure the item in their trucks. Everything from payments to navigation to driver tracking takes place in the app; from day one we’ve wanted the process to be seamless.

Our drivers could be anyone from an off duty firefighter to a college student. During the on-boarding process, each driver must pass a background check and vehicle check. Next, they are personally interviewed and trained by us. One of the most important things we value is ensuring that our drivers are trustworthy and full of integrity. We want you to feel comfortable sending a Bungii driver to your grandma’s house.

We’re proudly headquartered in Kansas City but also operate in Atlanta, Washington DC, Baltimore, S. Florida and Chicago. Our long-term vision is to be operating in every major city across the nation.