Costco Delivery

Does Costco Deliver?

Costco has two-day grocery delivery available in most markets. To check if a store near you offers grocery delivery, head to their website and enter your zip code. Depending on your order, it may take longer than two days for special requests. But for most items you can expect delivery within 48 hours.

Most of the items available for 2-day delivery are canned, non-perishables, or shelf-stable items. Fruit, vegetables and other perishables won’t be an option. You can expect to find things like bottled water and drinks, cleaning products, and bagged or jarred snack foods available for 2-day delivery.

If you are in a rush and need same-day or next-day delivery from Costco for your shelf-stable foods, ask if Bungii is available to help get your bulk buys to your home.

Bungii is your friend with a truck. Download the app, and schedule a driver to deliver your Costco purchases home faster than any other service. Bungii drivers are ready to assist you – they will help load their truck, drive to your drop of destination, and unload your items right where you need them to go. Download the app and get a free estimate instantly.

Costco Furniture Delivery

Costco has tons of great deals on furniture and large items for their club members.  You can find bedroom sets, sectionals, office furniture, and cabinets rotating through their stock. In the summer, you can find high quality outdoor furniture and recreational equipment too.

The only drawback to buying big and bulky items for Costco is they don’t offer member delivery. When you buy a large piece, they will set it aside for 24 hours and require the buyer to make delivery arrangements. This can be a tough task to do on short notice when you don’t own a vehicle big enough or renting a truck is too expensive and a huge inconvenience.

It’s no fun getting great deals on Costco furniture when your savings go right to delivery costs.

That’s why Bungii is the perfect solution. If you make a spur-of-the-moment purchase like a couch, rugs, outdoor playset, or anything else too big for your car, use Bungii to get it home the same day. The Bungii app is easy to use, affordable, and takes the hard work out of getting your new stuff home. Find out if Bungii is available in your area.

Can I order Costco Online and pickup?

If you want to avoid the foot traffic of Costco stores, a great option is buying online and picking up at your nearest store. You can find an assortment of jewelry, electronics and other accessories eligible to pick up curbside.

Curbside pick up is another perfect opportunity to use Bungii to get your stuff home without leaving your home. All you need to do is schedule a Bungii Driver and include a photo of your receipt so they can pick up your items. It’s fast, affordable, and ensures you get the most convenient service possible when shopping at Costco.

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