Delivery Services Available During Coronavirus

Which Mail and Delivery Services Are Still Operating During Coronavirus?

With COVID-19 concerns growing throughout the country, practical services like mail delivery and package delivery are still a priority to help people practicing social distancing. Delivery services are more important now more than ever while most of the public does their best to self-quarantine. While some services have suspended operation temporarily, here are a few services available during the Coronavirus that will continue to deliver:

US Postal Service

USPS is still operating and plans to remain operating for the next few weeks. The only change to their service is they can’t guarantee mail to destinations in China or Hong Kong. This is due to a high percentage of flight cancellations.

If you are sending mail within America however, it is business as usual. Check their Service Alerts page to find out the latest USPS delivery status in your area.

Delivery Services Available During Coronavirus


FedEx continues to deliver, but is taking extra precautions to limit the spread of the virus. They have implemented regular delivery equipment sanitizing. FedEx will also follow special regulations and guidelines passed down by the government.

Some areas that are heavily affected by the virus may see delays in shipment arrivals. FedEx will monitor each area and make deliveries where permitted throughout the next few weeks.

If you are expecting a package, check the status on the FedEx website here.


As a leader in the retail delivery space, Amazon has also continued their services to ship items as timely as possible. They have noted that the Coronavirus has pushed more people to shop online leading to longer than usual delivery windows.

Some brands and household items are out of stock on their website, but Amazon expects to refill their shelves on household essentials in the coming weeks.

They’re also protecting their shoppers from US sellers who are intentionally raising prices on high demand items to unfair price points. They will keep monitoring price gouging sellers and remove them from the site as needed.


Bungii will continue serving as a local delivery resource for anyone who is unable or uncertain about leaving their home. We want to help anyway we can and know shopping for essentials must continue. We recommend buying online and avoiding high traffic stores if possible. As always, we’re available to pick up online purchases at any store and deliver them to you. 

We typically deliver large items such as furniture, large boxes, or other big and bulky items, but during COVID-19 we are more than happy to help pick up non-perishable food items and other household essentials to make life easier and more comfortable for you during social distancing periods.

If you have any questions or concerns about your delivery options, our support team is standing by at

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