Best Side Jobs
for Police Officers

Side Jobs for Police Officers

There’s plenty of time to fill between on-duty shifts, and if you are looking to turn that time into extra money there are some great side gigs outside of the station you can get into. Turning a hobby or passion into a profitable side gig is maybe easier than you think. 

The easiest way to find a good side gig is to work where your hobby is. If you like golf, try to work at a local course. If you’re always at the gym, see if they have a part time position open. Find whatever you’ll really enjoy.

If you still need help brainstorming ideas, here’s our list of best side gigs for police officers when you’re off duty and want to make money instead of spend money (in descending order because we like suspense).

Top 5 Side Jobs for Cops

5. Bartending

If you’ve had prior experience in the restaurant or food industry, jumping back in with a bartending position is a solid option. It’s a great way to stay social and if you work at a popular or upscale bar, the cash tips will be worth your time. It’s also a great option if you normally work the night shift since late nights closing down the bar is part of the job requirement. Plenty of bars will also appreciate having a first responder and a little extra security around.

4. Construction & Landscaping​

Construction and landscaping talent will always be in demand. If you already have the skills, some upfront investment into tools and supplies can go along way. Plus, starting your own service allows you to set your own schedule and take the jobs you want to tackle. Marketing your new business can be a little overwhelming, but start spreading the news with friends and family. Before you know it starting a  great side job will turn into helping someone’s yard look tidy or taking charge of a DIY project gone wrong.

Best Side Jobs for Police Officers

3. Event Security

Event security is typically an easy part-time gig to nab with police work on your resume. If you live in a big city there should be few security companies to choose from like Aegis, NPB Companies, and Fast Guard Security and more. Not only is it a good career experience, but you can end up working at some really great live events. According to Payscale, The starting average hourly pay for an event security position is $12-$20 an hour. Depending on your location, the event you work, and your past experience, that rate will increase. 

2. Automotive Repair & Car Detailing​

Fixing and detailing cars doesn’t have to be something you only do in your own garage, it can be a nice way to make some extra cash at a mechanic’s shop. If you have a passion for all things cars and are handy with a wrench, working at an autobody shop is a perfect choice when you aren’t wearing your uniform. It pays well, lets you work on something you enjoy, and is a good way for gearheads to unwind when they aren’t on duty.

1. Put Your Pickup to Work - Drive with Bungii

Starting your own business doesn’t have to take capital, equipment, and time. By putting your pickup to work, you can own your schedule and give yourself the flexibility you and your family need. This is why many police officers choose to put their pickup truck to work and drive with Bungii. 

Bungii is a large item on demand delivery service that works with local partners to make same day deliveries for their customers. Being a Bungii Driver gives you unmatched flexibility and requires no overhead costs. We send available deliveries in your area right to your phone so you can accept the deliveries you want to take. Bungii is one of the best side jobs for police officers, and we are proud supporters of first responders and their side hustles.

 Find out more on our Bungii Driver’s page on how to join our team.