Firefighter Side Hustle

Best Side Jobs for Firefighters

If you need to make extra money, or just need something to do in your downtime between shifts, there is a great firefighter side hustle out there waiting to keep you busy. If you are short on ideas, We’ll run through a few to get your side job search going.

Having skills outside of firefighting is a great place to start when considering a side gig. If you already have some experience or interest in something, get creative and find a way to incorporate things you enjoy into your firefighter side job.

What are Good Side Jobs for Firefighters?

1. Personal Training

Building your client list as a personal trainer can take time. But if you are already into fitness and have experience in the gym, it’s a solid option. Personal training hours are flexible, you can take on as many clients as you want, and you can charge close to $20 an hour. 

Not bad money for making someone else sweat. A widely accepted certification program is through NASM. check out their website to see how you can become certified in just 12 weeks.

2. Carpentry

Carpentry is another option for a side job if you already have the experience and the necessary tools. Some states require you to have a contractor’s license, but it’s a small hurdle if you’ve got the time and skill to market yourself. Carpentry will keep you busy during the summer months when there are plenty of decks that need repairs.

Firefighter Side Hustle

3. Bartending

Bartending wages can fluctuate drastically depending on where you live. Thankfully, tips alone can be a dependable source of income if you land a job at a popular bar. It’s a perfect side hustle if you want to stay social on your time off. Plus, most bars will really appreciate having a first responder close by.

4. Landscaping

Landscaping is reliant on seasonality more than our other suggestions, but if you have the skills and want to spend your off time outside, landscaping is worth considering. 

Along the same lines as a landscaper, signing on as a groundskeeper at a golf course takes a similar skill set, but with the bonus of discount rounds of golf.

5. Real Estate Agent

Getting your licenses as a real estate agent will take more work than our other suggestions, but the benefits have more potential too. Colleges and online programs can help you get your certification in just a few months.

It is a bigger risk since earnings are not guaranteed while you build your clientele. If you are able to execute and make a sale, the commission on an average home is between $12,000- $20,000.

Another plus is it’s a great career to fall back on once you retire from firefighting. Starting it as a side job and growing it into a full time job could be a long term solution for you that provides a steady paycheck after your firefighting career.

6. Put Your Pickup to Work - Drive with Bungii

Starting your own business doesn’t have to take capital, equipment, and time. By putting your pickup to work, you can create your schedule the way you want it give yourself the flexibility you and your family have been looking for. This is why plenty of firefighters signup with Bungii.

Bungii is a large item, on demand delivery service that works with local businesses to make same day deliveries for their customers. Being a Bungii Driver gives you unmatched flexibility and requires no overhead costs. We send available deliveries in your area directly to your phone so you can accept the deliveries you want. Bungii is one of the best side jobs for firefighters, and we are proud supporters of first responders and their side hustles.

 Find out more on our Bungii Driver’s page on how to join our team.