5 Things We’ll Remember from D.C.

1.  Sorry, the Wizard of Oz jokes get a little old….

Contrary to popular belief, tornadoes aren’t actually something Kansans deal with on a regular basis. No, we didn’t drive a tractor to school growing up, “Manhattan” makes us think purple (not that one big city) and yes, we do stake claim for Superman.

2. If you don’t buy a shirt from the Smithsonian Museum, did you even go??

We spent one of our first Saturdays checking out all the museums. We donned our most tourist-y looking clothes possible, complete with fanny packs, visors, sunglasses from two decades ago and oversized maps and pamphlets. Our apparel was so bad we vowed no pictures of the day could be shared for the sake of our own reputations.

3. We really overestimated the popularity of National Treasure.

Part of our pre-launch prep was memorizing full scenes of dialogue so we could better relate to our new neighbors. But when we began quoting classic lines and emulating our guy Nic Cage’s running motion, we got a lot of blank stares.

4. Tolls and parking tickets were our worst enemy.

We thought we were pros at avoiding toll roads and pay stations. We were wrong. We thought parking would be clearly marked and easy to find. We were VERY wrong.

After living five months in D.C. our four member team had funded at least 19 new roads and a new wing in the White House with all the tolls and parking fees we had racked up.

5. We definitely take credit for the Washington Capitals winning the Stanley Cup.

Some might call it a coincidence that Washington won a championship right after we moved to town. We call it fate. For the first 42 years of the Capitals’ existence they had never won a championship. Fans swore it was a never ending curse. But then we showed up, jumped on the bandwagon and helped them bring home the cup. It had nothing to do with the team’s skill level, it was absolutely because we brought a winning attitude to the district. You’re welcome, D.C.